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A couple guys I know do a semi-yearly electronics recycling pickup at a school somewhere in the state and I often get some things out of it. Typically a school isn't a place you'd typically be getting video game related items from but in 2020 I had gotten 3x PSOne LCD Screen Combo systems from there. Typically I just get some old computer stuff, networking and audio/video items.

This year however the pickup included a box with 7 Nintendo Wii and a bunch of games. Mostly Zumba, Just Dance. Didn't go through and test everything yet, it is on the list of things to test. Other items I have set aside to look at are a handful of dual Pentium 3 servers, a PowerMac G4, an Apple IIe, a couple Win9x notebooks. The AV equipment that I got were a few 10/100 switches, some 100baseFX equipment and a bunch of equipment from a CCTV security system including DVRs, Agile Modulators and distribution banks. But also as a taste of things to come, there was included a Bosch LTC 2813/90 14" Color security monitor which is a cube monitor like a P/BVM is.

I hope in the next pickup (monitors, printers, etc) there will be more of these Bosch monitors as well as a monitor for the Apple II.

EDIT: The Wii games are:

Just Dance 3
Just Dance Summer Party
Just Dance Kids
Just Dance Kids 2
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Wii Sports
Wii Sports Resort
Zumba Fitness
Zumba Fitness 2

Don't think of items (in physical categories) in the database as games, but rather as unique (retail) products.

We do not currently track ROMs and do not cater to data collectors.

I see the import option under settings. What is it expecting in CSV formatting? Can I match up games from an import list? Can I import from Steam and other digital storefronts (something other sites/apps can do)?

The import is only for CSV already exported from vgcollect. The primary issue is that the ID numbers from other sites will not match up here. And because we track variations, there is not any good way to get the ID numbers without manually searching for them on the site. Presuming you want accurate items in your collection.

Site Feedback / Re: Request for new data field "Local Item Name"
« on: July 22, 2022, 12:11:39 pm »
Not when seeing search results.
Sort of agree. I believe if I search for the "Custom Item Name" I have in My collection, I should be able to see the Item in "My collection".

We can't currently search inside of collection as it is.

General / Re: Travelling abroad with your videogames
« on: July 22, 2022, 09:50:05 am »
Personally, past experience would tell me to ship the items to the destination instead of trying to take them onto the plane with me.

Here are import restrictions

Some years ago I had the opportunity to relocate to Manilla but I didn't end up doing it.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Duplicate List 2022
« on: July 22, 2022, 09:42:52 am »
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu

Appears to be the same item, front box from 161775 is correct.

Yes/no. 33605 is considered the UK version and it is correct. The front art is a stock photo which is ok
161775 was created as [ES][IT] back at a time when people weren't aware that there are very few games that can use that TLD combination, or that IT games are just ES games with a SIAE label on them. So there are still some of these incorrect entries in the database. It was also from a time where people made entries using TLD not based on where the game was released, but what flags or what languages were on the item.

So for here, from what I can tell at this time, UK and ES got the same game, and IT has that game but with a label. So the UK version is fine but the other just becomes IT version. Of course, Spain might have their own game but I can't find that info. Things that can make an ES version would be some country specific label on a sealed item or if it came with a Spanish manual or additional insert. On the sales sites, it is rare to be able to see a picture of inside of the manual and most of the time people don't keep the random inserts.

Site Feedback / Re: Request for new data field "Local Item Name"
« on: July 22, 2022, 09:31:54 am »
Local Item Name may be the wrong word. What it sounds like instead would be

- Custom Item Name
As an option that only appears as a field when adding an item or editing an item in collection.

For example, I have this item in my collection
Which has a name of "Sonic Boom: Emoji Plush - Happy Sonic"
but when I am looking at my collection list, I would want it to be named "Sonic stuffed animal"

And that name would only appear to me when looking at collection.
Not when looking at the item entry itself.
Not when seeing search results.
Not when viewing another person's swag toys section of their collection who has it

I understand, but that creates an annoying styling double-standard that makes the list of games in our collection look inconsistent and messy.

Common name exception can be requested here:,8361.0.html

But consider that we currently have 2 active polls for other change to Style Guide that haven't received enough traction to act upon. So a vote may not complete as it once did in the past.

for information about one edit I do that was rejected (2 actually) :

Incorrect Information. Please see the VGCollect Style Guide or visit the Forums to clear up any listing questions.
Admin comments: Perpetual Europe ltd. is the publisher, as indicated by the back box text information. Perpetual Europe ltd. has been added to the list of Publishers.

perpetual europe = perp games, and as I finished the game, it is writed in big in the end credit that it is published by perp games

so it is the same thing, and as you can see the logo on all of their releases, they use perp game as common name (and just like their website) instead of perpetual games

It is a complicated situation. Gamefaqs does show the publisher of the physical PS5 release to be Perp Games.
The back of the case does say specifically "Published by Perpetual-Europe" on the back. As it says on their website "Perp is the publishing arm of Perpetual Europe". There is a perp logo on the back cover of the game also.

Back image

With a situation like this, it could be valid to use Perp Games or Perpetual Europe as they are both correct.

25 (Franken entry, not actual cover art+ no details) Probably worth merging with

It was not a franken entry. That type is one that has a mixture of info or someone had tried to convert. Not a no detail entry with a stock photo. It has been merged.

Just to clarify on the edits for the following listing as it looks a bit nutty:
A lot of the original info is incorrect (Rating, Picture). Barcode is of a UK version with a bbfc rating and a back item number of PBACKSEN07 (Which seems to be the only differentiator I can immediately see to separate it from another UK version). TLD is needed as a general European release exists.

In general, franken entries should be reported in this thread instead of trying to convert them yourself. Users attempting to convert entries should always be rejected.

News / New Global Moderator
« on: July 13, 2022, 09:27:59 am »
Cartagia has been promoted to Global Mod to help with the spam posts as well as keep you people in line. ^_^

Site Feedback / Re: display bug for pokemon alpha saphire
« on: July 13, 2022, 09:23:51 am »
It is on our bug list. This only happens when viewing collection.

Going to ask a nit-picky question: for games that include cards, is there a reason why the set numbers are in the front rather than behind the card names (to be consistent with how we list items numbers for other included items)?

They are put in that way from the work done on here:,11699.0.html

When submitting checklists to TCDB they want the numbers in the front, so they are copypasted in that format into listings. The numbers can be at the end, it doesn't really matter.

I have to ask then, going forward should I state exactly what is written on the front of the manual rather than stating that it is a manual in English?

You can say an game includes a manual, but it is preferred to use the actual text from it on the entry. Sometimes it is easy to verify a manaul is present by looking at pictures but not clear enough to know if it has a non-English name. Also many users just put "manual" in description anyways.

The part number would be ideal, but for the third one you should hold off on adding it until you can confirm the spine is the same as the other.

Could do with a name for the following 3 games.
(3546430117750 , SLES-53060)
(4012160202367 , SLES-53725)
(3546430030424 , Unknown SLES)

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