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Added those except Amazon.

This thread is have a list of international classifieds websites that can be used when researching. If you know any that have been missed, reply and we can add it to this post.

1. You can do individual country search on any Ebay by using Advanced Search and choose located in, however some items may not show up due to the Ebay you use and what your location is. For example, people who sell from say... Germany but only ship to EU will have listings that won't show up on Ebay US but will show up on an EU Ebay. Also, when searching on international using advanced, make sure to change Item Location option from Default to Worldwide.

2. Some language knowledge or use of a translator is needed as these are all localised websites.










United Kingdom

North America


United States (historical ebay sales data)

South America


South East Asia/Oceana



South Africa




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Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Duplicate List 2021
« on: May 13, 2021, 10:10:39 am »
Non-S version does exist but it is Edition of Light.

Promotional VHS for Sega Mega CD in Spain. Presuming PAL VHS.
Lo Nunca Visto de Sega Presentando Mega-CD

VGC entry:

19,99 EUR BIN
19,95 EUR BIN
12,00 EUR BIN

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: TPX VGCOLLECT R&D LIST
« on: May 12, 2021, 10:05:49 am »
Should put an update. I am still working on the Sega Gen/MD thread in the ID forum. Currently working on Sega Mega CD [EU] and going through each country to find bits of information that are handy to have. This usually means I make a skeleton post and then have to find examples from existing entries in the DB to refer to. And if those entries do not exist, then I have to search online to find them. Interesting thing is that even though I had previously figured those sections to be complete, there is still more that isn't yet documented.

I wil be working on finishing the Gen/MD thread, then will make the ID threads for the Saturn, Game Gear, Master System and Sega Computers category, before creating the skeleton post for PS2, of which I will focus on the Hardware category only.

General / Re: 52 Games Challenge 2021
« on: May 12, 2021, 10:01:53 am »
Marking Cities:Skylines as being beaten, although it is technically not possible to beat in any sense of the word. Previous "endless" games on my list where ones where some sort of victory condition exists but that the game can be replayed indefinitely. I could consider Cities: Skylines "victory condition" to be to unlock all of the monuments.

I have not met that victory condition, nor am I abandoning it, but I certainly do not want to put it as currently playing either. The game is interesting and neat but the issue for me is that it can't hold my interest for more than a couple of hours. I have no real ambition to try to complete any particular goal, no motivation to make any particular thing. Nothing really to work towards, no problem that needs fixing. It is just making new districts when the demand goes up, add water line and electricity lines. I spend more time trying to connect new roads to highways and rail lines. Have no interest in creating bus routes or metro rail. Maybe this indicates to me that I am no longer interested in city builders? Will I have this same reaction when I get to the SimCities of my backlog?

Hardware and Tech / Re: Electrical for retro consoles
« on: May 12, 2021, 09:55:29 am »
The caveat for getting an electrician in to do an inspection is that they may find problems in your systems or aspects that do not meet local code requirements.

The other option is to find a local company that installs Home AV equipment, although I am not certain whether or not they provide that type of service without having purchased anything from them.

Hardware and Tech / Re: Electrical for retro consoles
« on: May 11, 2021, 11:53:53 am »
Well the math will tell you when you can get to the point of tripping the break. As far as the fire hazard aspect, that is a bit more complicated. Now certainly the hazard exists if the circuit doesn't break, or doesn't break fast enough. Or there is a fault in the components on the circuit, or there is a grounding issue or wiring in the house, etc. It is really complicated and even if you did math everything out, it is really impossible to guage fire hazard.

Personally, I gave up on trying to do the whole "connect everything to one tv" idea a long time ago. Now I just have TVs in multiple rooms and have at most 1 game system connected to them. And of course I have more systems than TVs, so they get rotated out. Not necessarily meaning they get packed up into a box, but they are just not plugged into anything.

Hardware and Tech / Re: Electrical for retro consoles
« on: May 11, 2021, 09:57:19 am »
It sounds like a poor setup, but no one can say for certain what is and isn't right for you. If you really want to know what is the ideal amount of things connected to a circuit (not an outlet) then this is what you need to do:

- first determine what is and what isn't on the circuit
- determine the wattage for each device on the circuit and the total wattage of all devices on the circuit

Then calculate the electrical load. You can find many websites that help for this, a lot of them are going to be on websites for electrical service companies like this:
Because they get a better google rank than websites that are for education and research.

One thing to remember about determining circuits. Do not think about the walls or room layout to determine a circuit. You are going to have to be testing with the circuit breaker to match up what is connected to where. People who build houses and homeowners take shortcuts with electrical. For example when I did circuit mapping for my basement, I found that all of the basement lighting was actually on the circuit for the appliances in the kitchen. This meant that when I had to turn off the circuit to replace a light fixture, I had to remove power to my refridgerator.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Duplicate List 2021
« on: May 11, 2021, 09:49:06 am »

There was a tie. We will need a revote since it seems the options are not good enough to get a consensus.

Buying really took a downturn once I decided to join the 52 games challenge this year. Also not leaving the house to go to places that sell games like I used to.

Off Topic / Re: Any Board/Tabletop Game Players Out There?
« on: May 07, 2021, 09:46:47 am »
Fixed topic title

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