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         Name                                                                  Platform         Start         End          Rating
1. The Last Blade                                                              PC             1/2/21      1/2/21         8/10
2. Metal Slug 2                                                                 PC             1/2/21      1/2/21         8/10
3. Bright Memory                                                              PC             1/2/21      1/2/21         9/10
4. 007 Legends                                                                360            1/3/21      1/5/21         6/10
5. Metal Slug 3                                                                 PC             1/9/21      1/9/21         7/10
6. The Last Blade 2                                                           PC             1/9/21      1/9/21         6/10
7. Metal Slug X                                                                 PC           1/10/21     1/10/21        8/10
8. Erica                                                                           PS4          1/11/21     1/13/21        9/10
9. Super Castlevania IV                                                   SNES         1/14/21     1/15/21        9/10
10. Castlevania: Bloodlines                                              GEN          1/15/21      1/17/21        8/10
11. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest                                     NES          1/17/21      1/19/21       7/10
12. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse                                  NES          1/21/21     1/22/21        8/10
13. Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge                              NES          1/22/21     1/23/21        7/10
14. Kid Dracula                                                               NES          1/23/21     1/25/21        7/10
15. Control                                                                      XO          12/16/20    1/29/21        8/10

16. Demon's Souls                                                          PS5           1/4/21        2/3/21         9/10
17. Samurai Shodown: Sen                                             360            2/4/21       2/4/21         7/10
18. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2                             NSW         1/26/21       2/8/21         7/10
19. Mafia: Definitive Edition                                              XO           2/10/21      2/26/21       9/10

20. FF Archives Vol.1:Fatal Fury: King of Fighters              PS2           3/4/21        3/4/21         5/10
21. FF Archives Vol.1:Fatal Fury 2                                    PS2           3/5/21        3/5/21         6/10
22. FF Archives Vol.1:Fatal Fury Special                            PS2           3/5/21        3/5/21         7/10
23. FF Archives Vol.1:Fatal Fury 3                                    PS2           3/8/21        3/8/21         8/10
24. FF Archives Vol.2:Real Bout: Fatal Fury                       PS4          3/13/21      3/13/21        8/10
25. FF Archives Vol.2:Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special            PS4          3/13/21      3/13/21        9/10
26. FF Archives Vol.2:Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2                    PS4          3/13/21      3/13/21        8/10
27. Garou:Mark Of The Wolves                                        PS4          3/13/21      3/13/21        9/10
28. Art of Fighting Anthology: Art of Fighting                    PS4          3/14/21      3/14/21        5/10
29. Art of Fighting Anthology: Art of Fighting 2                 PS4          3/16/21      3/16/21        6/10
30. Art of Fighting Anthology: Art of Fighting 3                 PS4          3/17/21      3/17/21        8/10   
31. World Heroes Anthology: Word Heroes                       PS2          3/30/21      3/30/21        7/10

32. Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition                         PS4           2/5/21      4/15/21       10/10
33. World Heroes Anthology: Word Heroes 2                     PS2          4/16/21      4/16/21        8/10
34. World Heroes Anthology: Word Heroes 2 Jet                PS2          4/16/21      4/16/21        9/10
35. World Heroes Anthology: Word Heroes Perfect             PS2          4/16/21      4/16/21        7/10
36. Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues                  PS4           4/16/21     4/24/21        8/10
37. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-Mirrors of Fate HD          PC           1/30/21
38. Blasphemous                                                           NSW          3/30/21
39. The Conduit                                                              Wii           4/19/21

Now Playing
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-Mirrors of Fate HD(PC)

Nope List(Games abandoned)
1. Far Cry[PC]-1/1/20
2. Frenzy Retribution[PC]-1/30/21-Not that it was bad, it was good and challenging at times. Just that I left my laptop unattended for a few minutes and my 3 year old nephew got to it and evidently started new game which caused the game to auto save just before the final boss and I really dont want to play this all over again. I may go back to this one down the line.

2020 Playlist Carryover
Ghost of Tsushima-PS4
Super Mario 3D World-WiiU
Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist-Link Evolution-Switch
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2-PS4
Army of TWO: The 40th Day-PS3
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In 2020 besides hitting 52 games, I had a list of specific games I had wanted to beat, I got to maybe half of them unfortunately. For 2021 I'm sticking to just a number goal again. Making it a little easier on myself. So here we go! good luck everyone.

2021 List:
1. Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5) 01/02
2. Godfall (PS5) 01/17
3. Spyro The Dragon Reignited (PS4) 03/28
4. Super Mario 64 (Switch) 04/03
5. Super Mario Sunshine (Switch) 04/08
6. Super Mario Galaxy (Switch) 04/22
7. Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) 04/26
8. Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS5) 05/01
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Unlikely to hit 52 games, but I'll give it a try!

[1] Cyberpunk 2077 ~ PS4 ~ 13.01.21
[2] Astro's Playroom ~ PS5 ~ 14.01.21
[3] Maneater ~ PS5 ~ 16.01.21
[4] Dirt 5 ~ PS5 ~ 17.01.21
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Reserved - Not expecting to get anywhere near 52, but I want to log my progress anyways :)

Game Beaten
01.  Sonic 3 & Knuckles  SEGA Megadrive (31/01/21)
02. Sonic Advance 1 (GBA)
03. Yakuza 5 Remaster (PS4)
04. The Sexy Brutale (PS4)
05. Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3)
06. BlackSad: Under the Skin (PS4)
07. Tornado Outbreak (PS3)
08. The Chonicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay (PS3)
09. House of the Dead 3 (PS3)
10. Samurai Showdown 1 (PS4 - Neo Geo Collection)
11. Zone of the Enders 1 HD (Xbox 360)
12. Zone of the Enders 2: The 2nd Runner HD (PS4)

Games on the Backlog
Yakuza 6
Yakuza 7
Monkey King
Resident Evil 7
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My gaming this year was severely lacking so I'll give this a shot.

1. Dungeon Explorer (Co-op) - TG16
2. Kirby's Dream Land - Gameboy
3. Dragon Quest - Switch
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1. Mafia III (Started) -PC
2. Sphinx and the cursed mummy -PS2
3. The Last of Us (replay) (postponed because my PS3 broke :() -PS3
4. The Last of Us Part II -PS4
5. Saints Row II -PC
6. Saints Row The Third -PS3 (postponed)
7. Saints Row The Fourth -PC
8. Just Cause -PC
9. Just Cause 2 -PC
10. Just Cause 3 -PC
11. Bioshock -Xbox 360
12. Bioshock 2 -Xbox 360
13. Bioshock Infinite -Xbox 360
14. Resident's Evil Directors Cut -PS1
15. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (started) -PC

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2017 :,7980.msg149108.html#msg149108
2018 :,8821.msg160906.html#msg160906
2019 :,9921.msg162691.html#msg162691
2020 :,10536.msg173524.html#msg173524

5th time doing this!


1. Resident Evil Survivor [Playstation 1]
2. DMC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition [Playstation 4]
3. Mafia 3 Definitive Edition [Xbox One]
4. NBA 2K21 [Playstation 4]
5. NBA 2K21 [Xbox Series X/S]
6. MLB: The Show 20 [Playstation 4]
7. FIFA 21 [Xbox Series X/S]
8. Ma Bimbo [PC]
9. Eldarya [PC]
10. Amour Sucré [PC]
11. DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall [Playstation 4]
12. AirCar [Oculus Quest 2]

Currently Playing:

- Mafia Definitive Edition
- Devil May Cry 5
- Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X
- Watch Dogs: Legion

- Nightlong Union City Conspiracy
- Epic Roller Coasters
- Dream Daddy
- The Sims
- The Sims Mobile
- Love Sick
- Frontier Justice
- Tony's Hawk's Skate Jam
- Madden NFL 21
- NHL 21
- Rugby 20
- AO International Tennis
- AFL Evolution 2
- Pro Yakyū Spirits 2019
- WWE 2K20

Next Games:

- Assassin's Creed Valhalla
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1. Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4)

Funny that the first game I finished this year would be one that i started last year, but here we are.

Overall, I really, really liked Cyberpunk, and mind you I was playing the infamous, "unplayable" PS4 version. Speaking to that version, yes, the game crashed on me about a dozen times during my 70-hours of playing it, and I encounter easily 10-times that many bugs ranging from hilarious to slightly annoying, but overall the technical issues this game is more well known for than the game itself did very little to hinder my experience with this game. With that out of the way, Cyberpunk is probably one of the most ambitious games I've ever played, maybe even too ambitious. For one, the amount of detail, things to do, and features in this game is insane! Like, this might be one of the most immersive games I've ever played and there were periods of times while playing where I never wanted it to end. That is until I got into a combat situation where I feel like this game stumbles the most. The combat isn't terrible, but it's very clunky and poorly implemented at times which really decreased my enjoyment of the game whenever I had to get into a firefight or sneak around an enemy base. Likewise, driving in this game is a very mixed bag with most vehicles handling like shit, and other handling slightly better than that. I found the motorcycles to be the best in terms of handling and fun, so they're what I used 95% of the time I played. As for missions, there are A TON of them. Some are okay, a few were annoying, and then most were pretty fun and interesting, to holy shit, that's was awesome! I felt this way about many of the main story missions as well, but unfortunately this really died at the end of the game during the final mission. So there are 5 possibly endings in this game, which I figured was enough to range from super shitty to super awesome. Sadly, the bottom tier decision lives up to my expectation, however the best ending has an okay outcome at best. There are still some really crappy things you have to deal with an accept in the end, which after everything you go through during the game just didn't sit right with me. Overall I felt pretty dissatisfied with my ending, which was the 2nd best ending. I looked up what the best ending is and it honestly wasn't much better. While the endings (at least some of them) aren't terrible, they do leave a ton to be desired and in some ways feel interchangeable given certain things you just kind of have to accept with each ending. But anyhow, yes, I mostly really enjoyed my time with Cyberpunk, but given it's letdown ending and issues I had with the gameplay, I'm not sure if I'll ever go back and replay it. I guess time will tell, but at the moment I'm just happy it's over and I can move on to other games I really want to play this year. (1/1/21) [39/50]
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I think I'm going to bow out this year.  I made it to 52 last year!  However, I got a lot of things going on in RL this year so not sure I can do a traditional challenge.  I do plan on going back to some previous titles and complete trophies/achievements.
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Main post:,11230.msg185703.html#msg185703

Metro 2033 Redux - abandoned

There are many things wrong with this game and I played it for about 2 hours before I decided to abandon it. This is the type of game that you can only play it as the developers intend. There is no freedom of choice and it is basically a rail shooter with some open areas. It does no use invisible/death walls but it does use death triggers. If you go a wrong direction, you will trigger recurring enemy spawns that will kill you when you run out of ammo, or a death screen with a 1 hit enemy kill. There is no freedom to get past any area and if you get stuck, you have to endlessly try to determine where you are supposed to stand, and what target priority you are supposed to use. If you do not go to the correct part of the map and attack the enemies in a certain order, you will die. For any encounter, it is rare to be able to have a safe firing position. I only encountered two of them in the short time. One where you can be under a bridge to fight the flying enemy (actually I think you are not supposed to fight this enemy at this time, but I kited it to me and went under the bridge). There is another area where you can climb a tree, but I think this is a geometry glitch and wasn't overly useful. There are areas you can shoot enemies from inside of a building, but the enemies know how to path to you so if you do not kill them, they will go into the building to find you.

There is the part in Moscow where you follow a guy, and you enter into a combat area. The cpu player is a bad shot and you have to fight about 6 of the fast "weak" enemies, then two of the flying ones show up after x amount of those weak enemies are killed. It brings to light an issue with the combat at this point. The game forces you to have close encounter battles and all of the guns (at this point) are not strong enough for close combat. The weaker enemies are 2-3 hit kills and the flying ones are 6 hit kills. Even the melee attack is 2 hit kill on the small enemies. There is a HUD for ammo but not for health. You only know to heal when a hint appears on the screen. When you press button to heal, it plays an animation. You can cancel reload or heal animations but it applies partial stat changes in the case of health, but will spend the health kit. So if you heal, then reload, you waste the heal. In this large battle in Moscow there is not enough time to heal and reload and kill these enemies. If you attempt to find cover, the game will use a kill screen on you. The gun reload animation will glitch with the SMG and make it appear your mag is empty, so you waste time to reload when you don't need to.

The game also does not give enough information as to what to do. In the underground areas, these sections are linear enough that you can follow a wall and get to where you need to go. In Moscow, it is a large open area and you can be lost. It will just say "go to the back of the hotel" but you are not told which building is the hotel, or given any direction as how to go about doing that. There are areas that look like you should jump on them, but they are just decal objects. Maybe a problem is that everything in the game is in Russian, maybe if I knew how to read Russian it would be easier to figure out.

The premise is good but the issues are too large to bother to play:
- no direction as to what to do
- gameplay is a combination of interactive cutscene or rail shooter.
- You cannot be creative to solve problems, you can only complete areas as the developer intended.
- uses kill triggers
- guns too weak / enemies too strong even on the easiest difficulty.
- HUD has no health indicator, some weapons can be carried but game does not have a control option or instruction on how to use them (grenade, knife)

On to Endless Legend. It being a 4X I already know it will be "endless" although I can quantify it for this challenge as "win a map/scenario", and it will just remain on my playing list until I can 100% the achievements.

1/6/2021 update
- redid main post and reformatted game list.

Endless Legend - won a game
A 4X that has more in common with Heroes of Might and Magic style of game than with Civilization. Another thing that stands out is that the text is very small on the UI and there doesn't seem to be a way to make it any bigger. After doing the tutorial, I started a game on the lowest difficulty. I didn't bother to read all the lore, of which there is a lot since it is a fantasy world rather than being based on the real world. I was doing fine for awhile but I did not realise how big the game world was. After I learned how to fully zoom out the map, I realised I wasn't doing as good as I thought. Near to the end of the game (it has a turn limit) there is a message saying the green player will win a victory by conquering territory. After seeing how big they were, I decided to just throw all of my armies against them, since the game was ending soon, I would get it over with to start again. I was completely overmatched and they defeated all of my armies and took half of my cities. I basically just decided to turtle and just build buildings and not make any new armies.

Then another message, blue player will get economic victory in 5 turns! No point to play, I'll just go to the end playing the prod game. Then suddenly I won! An interesting mechanic being that you can win if an ally meets a victory condition. I got the achievements for winning on the difficulty I was on, and for the faction I was using, so I'm counting it.

After that first game, I now have a better idea of what to do, at least next time I think I will be able to field a better army. I am leaving this game installed and will return to it in the future. For the rest of the week I will continue on my regular schedule, so those games have been added to my game list post. All of them have a completion goal with exception of BL3. So if I happen to hit 100% achievements, or get Dark Matter/100%er on BO4 (presuming I can even play since Treyarch no longer monitors mod queue) or complete the PO3 mod pack. The next one to start on Monday looks like it will be Aliens Isolation, but we'll see.
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Re: 52 Games Challenge 2021
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01. Ring Fit Adventure || Nintendo Switch || 01.02.21

Having played regularly almost every other day since September 2020, I've found so much value in playing Ring Fit Adventure during the pandemic. As someone who had just started visited a gym a few months prior to when most businesses began having massive temporary closings in March, not having an ideal place to exercise was really disappointing. During this time, I was well aware of RFA, but the pandemic made a lot of items including this game a lot more sparse and desired. I finally got around to securing a copy back in July, but it took me a good while to make a habit in playing. However, while I was admittedly only visiting the gym maybe once a week at most, I'm happy that I look forward to exercising with RFA in the comfort of my home each and every time I begin. While RFA isn't going to give the same results that a gym offers to its members, the game easily gives its players the chance to tone up their bodies and to maintain a healthy fitness level. As someone who was moderately healthy before yet had no real sense of fitness, I definitely feel a proper change in my well-being and overall health—although I can't give RFA all the credit in this regard, as I've adapted to a healthier diet while also monitoring my daily calorie intake.
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Re: 52 Games Challenge 2021
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long time user but this will be my first attempt to document a true years worth of games. 52 games in 52 weeks

i once saw a forum dedicated to this sorta thing back oin 2018 and i always said i would try it.
well here we go

i will be streaming the entire thing on twitch so feel free to come stop by

i will update this as often as possible

     title                                                       console                   start date              end date         rating
1)  Onimusha: Warlords                                PS2                        1/2/2021
2)  Medal of Honor: Rising sun                       PS2                        1/7/2021
3)  SSX 3                                                    Xbox                       1/7/2021
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Re: 52 Games Challenge 2021
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Finished my first game for the year!

1. Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5) 01/02

Really enjoyed the shit out of this one, they took everything that made Spider-Man great and turned it up to 11!!!

Also.. I already had to make an exception to my goal of not getting a new game for the PS5 till I finish my previous one. I was gifted a copy of Demon's Souls and well... yea fuck that. I'll get to it eventually but I'm not ready to take that one... so I'm just going to skip right over that for now and play Immortal Feynx Rising.
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Re: 52 Games Challenge 2021
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long time user but this will be my first attempt to document a true years worth of games. 52 games in 52 weeks

i once saw a forum dedicated to this sorta thing back oin 2018 and i always said i would try it.
well here we go

i will be streaming the entire thing on twitch so feel free to come stop by

i will update this as often as possible

     title                              console                   start date        end date
1)  Onimusha: Warlords       PS2                        1/2/2021

Is it okay if I use your listing format? The start and end date is something that I never thought of using and I really want to implement it on my list

Re: 52 Games Challenge 2021
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Main List
Previous List

Quote from: Legend
bold games are games that have been beaten, previously beaten, or are unbeatable.
italicized games are in progress.
standard games are games I am not currently trying to beat.
strikethrough games are games that have been abandoned.

38. Pokemon: Sword (NS)
For some reason decided to jump into another Pokemon game after finishing the previous pokemon game.  Took a while to really start because I didn't know which pokemon to pick.  I was trying to decide between grass donkey kong, fire pele bunny, and james pond... then while trying to find a james pond reference on google for it, I found a gex reference and that sort of pushed me towards picking water gex... then I saw his dynamax form where he grows a sniper's perch and a sniper rifle and I'm like oh duh, this is my dude.  Thus my wife picked fire pele bunny for when she plays Shield, I picked shield for her because of the fire unicorn pokemon.  Full xp share from the beginning speeds things up, my whole team is 10+ already and I'm fighting level 5-7 guys right now because I grind too fast, I guess.  This kind of continued the entire game, being 10-15 levels over everyone else, which was pretty awesome... however the final fight against the champion however, he was like exactly my level.  Now maybe I should've been out catching pokemon still and leveling up even further like I wound up throughout the game, but I really didn't know where else to look for pokemon to catch and I read about how different pokemon spawn in areas depending on the current weather and don't know how the weather changes.  That sort of ruined the game for me.  I like being boss awesome strong, that's a personal thing so whatever, but he got destroyed by the pokemon and I destroyed the pokemon, I shouldn't have been getting 1-hit KO'd by every single one of his pokemon.  I will admit he was probably the most challenging trainer in all of Pokemon though, because all of his Pokemon knew it's own type, plus the types to destroy its weaknesses, thus making battle complex compared to normal 1 dimensional trainers.  So complaints either way, if you want challenge, you don't get it until the final battle, mind you I Gigamax'd once the entire game and it was the end of the final battle with Leon.  There appears to be quite a bit more to do, so I'll keep playing for now.
Rating: Soft recommendation

39. Ringfit Adventure (NS)
I've already beaten this game last year, and I had stopped playing it last year after beating the main story.  Finally decided I needed to get back on it so I can stay in a nicer shape rather than just concentrating on treadmilling.  I'm currently down to 155-160, which is a nice loss of ~30lb.  Not much to say about this, I'm just working on new game+ and only doing about a level a day.  Even from starting up having not played in about 6 months, I wasn't sore doing this, but I also know I'm not over doing it by only doing one level a day.
Rating: Soft recommendation

40. Sara is Missing (Android)
LRG announced Simulacra and I just really didn't want to support them.  So I looked into Simulacra to see where I'd want to play it and where it's the best price.  Android won in every category and I saw there were other games in the "series" and like it so I downloaded a bunch of phone snooping games.  This the predecessor to Simulacra, I played this first.  I was expecting it to be more "Lost Phone Stories" and less psychological horror, so color me disappointed when the ending turned out to be very much not an ending at all... and I still have no clue what happened.  Like was Iris in on it?  What happened to Sara?  I don't know, but I certainly didn't care enough to even google it.
Rating: Hard pass

41. Gato Roboto (X1)
Every month games get delisted from Game Pass and that's the stuff I prioritize, I saw this was getting delisted so I finally pushed myself to play it.  Glad I did because this was a pleasant experience.  There was maybe one or two parts that frustrated me, but it's because I did something difficult when I could've done something easy, had to undo what I did, the same hard way, just so I could go the easy way.
Rating: Solid recommendation

42. Simulacra (Android)
I'm figuring this will be a quick game, but it's kind of contingent on me being able to sit down and play for more than a few minutes and pop in earbuds.  It's more of Sara is Missing and has stupid horror psychological aspects.  Honestly, not really enjoying the horror aspects, and it tends to lean towards not having closure, it being a franchise and it being horror.  Not really horror if you get closure.
Rating: Hard pass

43. There is no game (Android)
My wife made me sit down and play this on her phone, and I had to be like I'm pretty sure I played this as a flash game a long time ago.  But I played it anyway and remembered that it was indeed entertaining and she brought to my attention the "sequel" Wrong Dimension, so we'll probably get that either for Android or Switch.  It's basically a game where the narrator tries to convince you that there is no game.
Rating: Soft recommendation

44. Gear.Club Unlimited (NS)
I've been playing this game off and on for years, but this year I'm finally dumping time into it because it's a great game to just play on the fly.  Races are super short and I can jump in and jump out.  That said the game crashes quite a bit, has stuttering and slowdown a ton, and has input registration issues.  If not for those things, this game would be like an 8/10 for me, but the fact that this stuff happens so often and is kind of infuriating I can't even justify something like 5/10.  It'd be a great game if they'd just optimize or prioritize performance.  Legitimately this game suffers from such poor performance issues I just can't recommend it.  I am however going to play the sequel and see if that's any better.  This game does have a hefty amount of "content" because there are like 300+ races to do.
Rating: Hard pass

45. Yakuza: Like a Dragon (PS5)
Got this at launch but decided to wait for the PS5 upgrade to actually play it.  I will say, having been playing games optimized for next gen and stuff, I don't think they necessarily look or play better than last gen, they just load faster.  That's a great thing, loading faster, but it doesn't necessarily feel like a reason to buy a console.  The move to an RPG based system instead of a brawler based system took a bit of getting used to, and I still take umbrage with it.  Story is pretty good so far, but I am slightly concerned/curious how and if the story will veer back towards Kamurocho.  The fall out Tojo irks me something fierce in that it holds that only Kiryu was holding Tojo together and when he "died" everything fell apart... but that was basically the theme of the first 6 games really.  Ok, so only really one major complaint about this game.  I had to do like 3-4 hours of grinding, like straight grinding, even after doing all of the side content, to beat a story boss.  A minor complaint is that the whole game is pretty quick but then right at the end you get a handful of fights that literally take 30+ minutes to get through.  May not even be tough fights, but the enemies have so much health, or such high defense, or so many resistances, that it literally takes 30+ minutes to knock down their health... also so many enemies immune to all status effects.   ::)  The tail end of the game gives so much info and possibly fan service that it made me giddy every time stuff happened.  There was certainly more I wanted story wise, and they left a few loose ends, but what game doesn't really.  Kume's bit confused me a bit, I'm sort of hoping a sequel will do something about that.
Rating: Highly recommended

46. Ape Out (PC)
I've been super interested in this game, but it's only on Game Pass for PC.  The game was also going up for order physically for Switch so I wanted to see if this was a game I needed physically or not.  This game is actually quite fun to play and possibly has replay value in its procedural generation... but for me, that's a no.  I don't think I'd be missing out in my life not being able to play this game ever again, there are plenty of other games out there that I'd possibly have more fun replaying or even moving on to a new game over replaying this game.  The game is also only maybe 2 hours long depending on random generation and how good you are at the game.  That said, the game is fun to play and if you have game pass or can get the game on the cheap I'd recommend giving it a go.
Rating: Soft recommendation

47. Streets of Kamurocho (PC)
After playing Ape Out, I decided to look at Steam and see if there were any games I'd like to play, so I installed a bunch of games including this one.  I saw HLTB listed the game as extremely short, so I decided I'd kill an evening playing this game.  The game is extremely short in that you play through 3 levels and then you loop playing through the same 3 levels infinitely to obtain a higher score.  So in that aspect the game is endless and once you've beaten the 3 levels you've essentially beaten the game.  The only reason to keep playing the game otherwise is to unlock Ichiban Kasuga, which you'll unlock within like 10 minutes of playing.  I don't know what unlocks him, but I unlocked him very quickly and without even beating the 3rd part of the game.  That all said, the game is/was free, but even then it doesn't really provide much value that I'd say it's an easy pass.
Rating: Hard pass.

48. OutDrive (PC)
This was another short game that I had in Steam and decided to play.  Premise is basically drive fast, but not too fast, but also not too slow, but drive safely, but not too safely.  That's it.  That's the game, don't meet those criteria?  The girl dies and game over.  The game has no ending, you just keep playing as long as you can.  I think I managed to last like 20 minutes and then I wasn't paying attention because I was talking to myself on stream about how I was about to give up because I'm just not feeling the game, and then I died.  It's a mindless game with beautiful visuals and a nice synthwave soundtrack... other than that, not much going on for it.
Rating: Hard pass

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP)
Current Progress: Beginning
I enjoyed the first persona game, but I've read that the rest of the franchise moved away quite a bit in a lot of ways, possibly for the best.  I've been meaning to get into this one to continue my franchise run, but I just hadn't been making time between reading books and playing other handheld games.  I'm not far in this game yet, don't think I've even had a single battle in the hour or so of gameplay I've done.

Halo 2 Anniversary (XSX)
Current Progress: Chapter 6
Have played this game not even slightly before.  Played through bits as Chief, and now I'm playing as the arbiter which is pretty cool.  Great improvement over Halo CE in many aspects, probably mostly in that this is legitimately an X1 game whereas CE was a 360 game.

The Sinking City (PS4)
Current Progress: Lost at Sea - Devil's Teeth
After finishing the Vanishing of Ethan Carter, I was really wanting some Lovecraftian goodness, so I gave this game a go.  Plays super similar to Vanishing of Ethan Carter in a lot of the ways that Ethan Carter has.  Like suspiciously so.  To the point it surprises me that there is no overlap between the games developer wise.  Sort of not enjoying this game for many reasons.  Probably going to be a slow play... could also be temporarily abandoning it today because Xbox's starting a gamerscore challenge.

Kill the Bad Guy (PS4)
Current Progress: Level 25
I'd been interested in this game for years, but never bothered to actually give it a go.  Finally decided to pop it in and give it a try instead of playing Sinking City.  Going in, I expected that I wouldn't beat it right away nor would I beat it this year probably, but I'd give the game a chance and make some progress for when I do finally sit down and beat it.  That said, the controls are pretty frustrating in this game.  X selects objects, [] is used to link/move objects, R2 is used to activate objects, L2 is used to link/move linked objects, can't rotate the camera, zoom is limited, buildings are only see through when you hover over them.  In general I spend more time trying to figure out what buttons to press in what order than actually doing stuff.  Oh and the cursor or whatever you'd call it for linking/moving objects snaps as far as I can tell and it doesn't snap well.  Thinking about it, I might not need to use L2 for moving/linking linked objects, I think maybe L2 is just for snapping to objects when moving/linking, so I can probably do it freehand.  I'll have to give that a try, but that still speaks to how non-functional the snap system is.
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