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US Genesis Consoles now updated, there are 71 entries in the DB.

Left out is the lone 1601 non-TMSS Made in China console which I might add as a loose console only because it is not currently known where this console comes from. There was only one on US Ebay of this that I could find with no correlation of any other types of Altered Beast boxes. I will hold off on it for now because it may be something I can ID as being from a different country.

Up next are:
- update Gen NFR cart descriptions to match to packs
- add Value Pack/Pak label vars, newly discovered yellow sega label carts, including the SG ProPad 6.
- update the spreadsheet for Canadian releases
- then other countries

Also considering adding a "bounty board" type thread or so to assign things that need to be done on the db. That way if people want to help out the db but do not know where to start, they have a way to help. But this would have to be something only serious users would be allowed to do. We have far too many "I'm going to do this!" people who never do anything. Like the guy who said they would figure out the Lynx EU games (these are currently likely all dupes), or the V.Smile thing (jjfly disappeared shortly after creating all the EU entries), and there was another one that I recall but I forget what section it was supposed to be for (absolutely nothing was done other than the public announcement it would be done).