Metroid Prime [UK] Box Art
Metroid Prime [UK] Box Art
Metroid Prime [UK] Box Art

Metroid Prime [UK]

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Retro Studios
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: GameCube [EU]
Genre: Action
Rating: ELSPA - 11+ (Europe)
Item Number: DOL-GM8P-UKV
Barcode: 045496960421
Release Date: November 18 2002
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
05-31-2018 altar Release Date - Year 2002
05-31-2018 altar Release Date - Day 18
05-31-2018 altar Release Date - Month 11
06-23-2017 sydan Cart/Disc/Media Art new
06-23-2017 sydan Back Box Art new
06-23-2017 sydan Barcode 045496960421
06-23-2017 sydan Name Metroid Prime [UK]
06-23-2017 sydan Item Number DOL-GM8P-UKV
01-24-2015 Publisher 16
01-24-2015 Developer 2474
02-20-2014 krank Release Date - Year 2003
02-20-2014 krank Release Date - Day 21
02-20-2014 krank Release Date - Month 3
02-20-2014 krank Rating 14
12-02-2013 daveit Front Box Art new
11-17-2013 pizzasafari Created

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