Alien Crush Box Art
Alien Crush Box Art
Alien Crush Box Art

Alien Crush

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Estimated Value: $26.48 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): NEC
Developer(s): Compile
Platform: TurboGrafx-16 [NA]
Genre: Arcade
Rating: NA
Item Number: TGX020005
Barcode: 092218000378
Release Date: 1989
Description: The main table is two screens high. There are at least 3 bonus games that are accessible from the top screen. Bonus games consist of knocking out moving targets on a separate single-screen bonus table. The main table also has numerous moving targets and ball locks.
Box Text: Imagine a living pinball machine...with aliens and outlandish worlds to throw at you. And turbo-charged, speed-of-light pinball action. You control the flippers and ball speed to defeat the Slime, the Tentacloid and Scorpion. Go for the eyes! This is full-tilt, out-of-this-world action! Surrealistic graphics plus true-to-life, earsplitting arcade pinball sound.
Date User Field Value
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