007: Agent Under Fire Box Art
007: Agent Under Fire Box Art
007: Agent Under Fire Box Art


007: Agent Under Fire

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): EA
Developer(s): EA Redwood Shores Studio
Platform: GameCube [NA]
Also on Platforms: GC [EU] PS2 [NA] Xbox [EU] Xbox [NA]
Genre: Action
Rating: ESRB - T (US / Canada)
Item Number: DL-DOL-GW7E-USA
Barcode: 014633144360
Release Date: March 13 2002
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
01-25-2016 pacpix Box Text
01-25-2016 pacpix Description
12-21-2015 telly Cart/Disc/Media Art new
10-21-2012 exonerator Back Box Art new
10-21-2012 exonerator Front Box Art new
10-21-2012 exonerator Box Text Driven by a completely new and original storyline, James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire is a first-person action game that balances furious action and stealth tactics. An evil world organization has been replacing world leaders with their more docile clones and it's up to you to put a stop to it. As Bond, you'll encounter villains and allies, both new and familiar, detailed 3D environments, and spy-packed, fast-action gameplay. And don't worry, Q will provide you with all the innovative weapons, sophisticated spy-craft, and state-of-the-art gadgets that Bond fans expect.
02-23-2012 jcalder8 Barcode 014633144360
02-23-2012 jcalder8 Item Number DL-DOL-GW7E-USA
02-23-2012 jcalder8 Publisher 1484
02-23-2012 jcalder8 Developer 146
02-23-2012 jcalder8 Name 007: Agent Under Fire
08-21-2011 abe Rating 4
03-10-2008 NA Created

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