Mega Man X4 Box Art
Mega Man X4 Box Art
Mega Man X4 Box Art

Mega Man X4

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Estimated Value: $8.98 [via]
Alt-Name MegaMan X4, Rockman X4
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Capcom
Publisher(s): Capcom
Platform: PlayStation [NA]
Genre: Action
Rating: ESRB - K-A (US / Canada)
Item Number: SLUS-00561
Barcode: 1338821021
Release Date: August 1 1997
Description: NA
Box Text: X-Plosive Gameplay. X-Treme Graphics. Mega Man X4!

Battle armies of Maverick Reploid Robots while mastering all-new strategic moves like the Air Hover and Zero's Saber Tactic system. Discover a myriad of power-ups, secret rooms, extra weapons and invincible vehicles to take on 8 all new X-Hunter Bosses. And for the first time, play as Mega Man X or battle with his mighty partner Zero in 2 separate adventures. Mega Man X4 - now you can be a hero, or a Zero!
Date User Field Value
07-06-2018 tripredacus Alt-Name MegaMan X4, Rockman X4
07-06-2018 tripredacus Name Mega Man X4
06-19-2018 tripredacus Alt-Name Mega Man X4, Rockman X4
06-19-2018 tripredacus Name MegaMan X4
05-24-2016 tictac472 Box Text X-Plosive Gameplay. X-Treme Graphics. Mega Man X4! Battle armies of Maverick Reploid Robots while mastering all-new strategic moves like the Air Hover and Zero's Saber Tactic system. Discover a myriad of power-ups, secret rooms, extra weapons and invincible vehicles to take on 8 all new X-Hunter Bosses. And for the first time, play as Mega Man X or battle with his mighty partner Zero in 2 separate adventures. Mega Man X4 - now you can be a hero, or a Zero!
08-12-2015 telly Cart/Disc/Media Art new
04-11-2015 gamercomposer Release Date - Year 1997
04-11-2015 gamercomposer Release Date - Month 8
04-11-2015 gamercomposer Release Date - Day 1
02-12-2012 maverickrenegade Back Box Art new
02-12-2012 maverickrenegade Barcode 01338821021
02-12-2012 maverickrenegade Rating 8
02-12-2012 maverickrenegade Genre 1
NA NA Created

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