Rumble Roses Box Art
Rumble Roses Box Art
Rumble Roses Box Art

Rumble Roses

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Estimated Value: $3.99 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Konami Computer Entertainment Japan
Publisher(s): Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo (KCET)
Platform: PlayStation 2 [NA]
Genre: Sports
Rating: ESRB - M (US / Canada)
Item Number: SLUS-20970
Barcode: 083717201151
Release Date: November 9 2004
Description: NA
- A Story Mode you won't forget
- Lethal moves and looks that kill
- Ruthless submission holds
- Get dirty in Mud Mode
Date User Field Value
01-24-2016 pacpix Description
08-20-2014 kwisatzhaderach Item Number SLUS-20970
08-20-2014 kwisatzhaderach Barcode 083717201151
08-20-2014 kwisatzhaderach Cart/Disc/Media Art new
08-20-2014 kwisatzhaderach Box Text ALL-FEMALE WRESTLING! - A Story Mode you won't forget - Lethal moves and looks that kill - Ruthless submission holds - Get dirty in Mud Mode
08-20-2014 kwisatzhaderach Back Box Art new
02-02-2014 argyle Description Developed jointly by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo and wrestling game developer Yuke's, Rumble Roses is a powerhouse combination with intense wresting action, sexy female models, audacious poses and bold moves - all delivered with state-of-the-art graphics. Rumble Roses also features an advanced combat system that allows players to develop unique styles for their wrestlers. Players are able to change the personalities of their wrestlers through their actions in the ring, which then translates into changes in costume, attitude, and wrestling style options. Insults and taunts prove a lot more important here than in your typical wrestling title too, and many of the maneuvers are said to leave opponents in, what we will call, "compromising positions".
02-02-2014 argyle Rating 6
03-10-2008 NA Created

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