Yakuza 4 Box Art
Yakuza 4 Box Art

Yakuza 4

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Estimated Value: $15.49 [via PriceCharting.com]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): CS1 Team
Publisher(s): Sega
Platform: PlayStation 3 [NA]
Genre: Action-Adventure
Rating: ESRB - M (US / Canada)
Item Number: BLUS 30643
Barcode: 010086690439
Release Date: March 15 2011
Description: NA

In an authentic recreation of Tokyo’s “Sin City District”, four men cross paths over a beautiful woman and a dead man.

Step into the world of the Yakuza and give yourself a chance to become somebody in a world of nobodies.

Play your part in the Tokyo underworld experience:
• Massage Parlor
• Hostess Clubs
• Video Arcade
• Batting Cages
• Poker, Blackjack, & More
Date User Field Value
05-24-2019 afroyoshi Genre 26
01-14-2019 silverbow Box Text THRIVE IN TOKYO’S ADULT UNDERWORLD In an authentic recreation of Tokyo’s “Sin City District”, four men cross paths over a beautiful woman and a dead man. Step into the world of the Yakuza and give yourself a chance to become somebody in a world of nobodies. Play your part in the Tokyo underworld experience: • Massage Parlor • Hostess Clubs • Video Arcade • Batting Cages • Poker, Blackjack, & More
01-14-2019 silverbow Barcode 010086690439
01-14-2019 silverbow Genre 1
06-24-2016 neogeopocket Back Box Art new
09-24-2015 Flashback2012 Item Number BLUS 30643
12-08-2011 jonathonstriker Barcode 1008669043
12-08-2011 jonathonstriker Release Date - Day 15
12-08-2011 jonathonstriker Release Date - Year 2011
12-08-2011 jonathonstriker Release Date - Month 3
12-08-2011 jonathonstriker Rating 6
12-08-2011 jonathonstriker Genre 2
12-08-2011 jonathonstriker Publisher 21
12-08-2011 jonathonstriker Developer 2157
07-20-2011 andrew Created

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