Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Box Art
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Box Art
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Box Art

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

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Estimated Value: $5.50 [via PriceCharting.com]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Eurocom Entertainment Software
Publisher(s): GT Interactive
Platform: Nintendo 64 [NA]
Genre: Action
Rating: ESRB - M (US / Canada)
Item Number: NUS-NDZE-USA
Barcode: 742725156685
Release Date: August 1 1999
Description: Duke Nukem starts his second third-person-adventure, after Duke Nukem: Time to Kill for Playstation, he now kicks alien asses on the Nintendo 64. Similar to the movie Terminator, the aliens want to take over the world before Duke was even born and travel through time. Duke follows them and tries to stop their evil plan, chasing them through the wild west, the dark ages, victiorian London and finally the post apocalyptic world of the future.
Box Text: He's all that stands between us and a Time-Spanning Alien invasion. He's Duke Nukem. Gaming's Greatest Action Hero. And this is his finest hour! Zero Hour! Awesome new enemies! Hilarious gags and one-liners! Same blood and guts attitude! Over 30 gut-wrenching levels set in four action-packed time eras! Incredible Teamplay and Deathmatch modes for up to 4 players! Over 20 all-new weapons of high-octane annihilation.
Date User Field Value
03-29-2009 NA Created

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