Extreme-G XG2 Box Art
Extreme-G XG2 Box Art
Extreme-G XG2 Box Art

Extreme-G XG2

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Probe Entertainment Limited
Publisher(s): Acclaim
Platform: Nintendo 64 [NA]
Genre: Racing
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: NUS-NG2E-USA
Barcode: 021481641674
Release Date: October 7 1998
Description: The game is expanded on its predecessor by many ways; however, while being converted from the original N64 version for the PC, it loses some of its features like the multiplayer support (and its enhanced multiplayer options).
Box Text: Get ready for the ride of your life! Extreme-G 2. Feed the speedfreak within. Faster than the original. And ten times more deadly. One false turn and you're toast! Break the sound barrier with 12 razor-sharp handling evolution bikes. Over 40 twisting tracks. Blast your enemies with Rear-Firing Rockets, Ion Sidecannons, Magnetic Mines and more! Intense 4-player action: Battle Mode, Cup Challenge and Head-to-Head.
Date User Field Value
03-11-2019 bfbeam Name Extreme-G XG2
03-29-2009 NA Created

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