ARMS Box Art
ARMS Box Art
ARMS Box Art


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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Nintendo EPD
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch [NA]
Genre: Fighting
Rating: ESRB - E10+ (US / Canada)
Item Number: HAC P AABQA USA
Barcode: 045496590529
Release Date: June 16 2017
Description: Other item #: 105644A
/ Duke it out in a variety of 1-4 player modes!
/ Take control using the thumbs-up grip!
-Fight through the single-player Grand Prix to become ARMS champ!
-Fight locally with up to 4 players!
-Fight online with up to 4 players!
Date User Field Value
12-30-2019 Flashback2012 Item Number HAC P AABQA USA
12-27-2018 glik Description Other item #: 105644A Cart #: LA-H-AABQA-USA
12-27-2018 glik Developer 6888
06-21-2017 razorbeamz Name ARMS
06-17-2017 aliensstudios Release Date - Day 16
06-17-2017 aliensstudios Cart/Disc/Media Art new
06-17-2017 aliensstudios Back Box Art new
06-16-2017 aliensstudios Box Text EXTEND YOUR ARMS AND COMPETE IN AN ALL-NEW FIGHTING SPORT! / Duke it out in a variety of 1-4 player modes! / Take control using the thumbs-up grip! -Fight through the single-player Grand Prix to become ARMS champ! -Fight locally with up to 4 players! -Fight online with up to 4 players!
06-16-2017 aliensstudios Barcode 045496590529
06-16-2017 aliensstudios Item Number HAC-P-AABQA-USA
06-16-2017 aliensstudios Release Date - Day 15
06-16-2017 aliensstudios Release Date - Month 6
06-16-2017 aliensstudios Developer 506
06-16-2017 aliensstudios Release Type 0
04-04-2017 aliensstudios Front Box Art new
04-04-2017 aliensstudios Rating 3
01-15-2017 neomysterion Publisher 16
01-14-2017 aliensstudios Front Box Art new
01-13-2017 corexretro Created

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liamtriforce Message
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roomofdoom Message

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abrowne1993 Message
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anayo Message
andoru90 Message
arashiprime Message
bananza666 Message
blackarachnid41 Message
blinxerizer Message
bouncepad Message
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