Panzer Dragoon Box Art
Panzer Dragoon Box Art
Panzer Dragoon Box Art

Panzer Dragoon

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Estimated Value: $25.00 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Team Andromeda
Publisher(s): Sega
Platform: Sega Saturn [NA]
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up
Rating: ESRB - K-A (US / Canada)
Item Number: 81009
Barcode: 010086810097
Release Date: May 11 1995
Description: US Launch Title
Box Text: Blast through the Mystical, Surreal Worlds of PANZER DRAGOON. One thousand years in the future, you live in constant fear of the Dark Dragon and his giant cyborg insect armies. Armed with a deadly weapon from the ancient past and the guidance of your armored blue dragon, you must save your people from the endless swarms of deadly foes. Fulfill your destiny and keep the Dark Dragon from reaching the Tower: or die trying. Pilot through seven unbelievably realistic levels ranging from eerie tropical blue ocean cities to intricate subterranean passageways. Beware. The Dark Dragon controls evil giant dragon flies. Frightening man-sized wasps, giant sand worms, cyborg scorpions and lethal flying battleships. Enemies apporach from all sides. With 360-degree control, and lock-on targeting. you must attack quickly and show no mercy.
Date User Field Value
08-08-2014 kwisatzhaderach Cart/Disc/Media Art new
NA NA Created

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