Kirby Mass Attack Box Art
Kirby Mass Attack Box Art
Kirby Mass Attack Box Art


Kirby Mass Attack

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Developer(s): HAL Labs
Platform: Nintendo DS [NA]
Also on Platforms: Nintendo eShop (Wii U) [EU] Nintendo eShop (Wii U) [NA]
Genre: Platformer
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: NTR-TADE-USA
Barcode: 045496741648
Release Date: September 19 2011
Description: Includes:
Instuction booklet
"If you like" insert
Club Nintendo code
Health and Safety Precautions booklet
Box Text: More Kirbys, More Power!

Gather a mob of Kirby characters, then lead them on a
crazy adventure where nothing can stand in your way!

Send Kirbys swarming
over your enemies.

Fling Kirbys
into the air
to hit flying foes.

Take on big challenges with
the strength of many Kirbys.
Date User Field Value
04-12-2021 spiralsenshi Description Includes: Instuction booklet "If you like" insert Club Nintendo code Health and Safety Precautions booklet
06-17-2020 8awd231 Box Text More Kirbys, More Power! Gather a mob of Kirby characters, then lead them on a crazy adventure where nothing can stand in your way! Send Kirbys swarming over your enemies. Fling Kirbys into the air to hit flying foes. Take on big challenges with the strength of many Kirbys.
05-14-2013 thomascozine Cart/Disc/Media Art new
05-14-2013 thomascozine Back Box Art new
05-13-2013 armoredgecko Barcode 045496741648
12-09-2012 artikskarab Box Text More Kirbys, More Power! Gather a mob of Kirby characters, then lead them on a crazy adventure where nothing can stand in your way!
12-09-2012 artikskarab Item Number NTR-TADE-USA
09-19-2011 andrew Created

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ZombifiedBreakfast Message
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zyaldar Message

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Username Message
retrogamingdad Message
wooddaver Message

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Username Message
abe Message
afroyoshi Message
akron90sgamer Message
alexcolewell Message
anagar Message
andlefurge Message
andrew Message
anonymousguy3 Message
artpro202 Message
aurelion Message
awesomeactionman Message
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bigonanime Message
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bowzasaurusrex Message
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coryoon Message
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