Pokémon Stadium 2 Box Art
Pokémon Stadium 2 Box Art
Pokémon Stadium 2 Box Art

Pokémon Stadium 2

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Estimated Value: $26.40 [via PriceCharting.com]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64 [NA]
Genre: RPG
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: NUS-NP3E-USA
Barcode: 045496870928
Release Date: March 28 2001
Description: Front plastic piece of cartridge is a sparkly gold plastic while the back piece is sparkly grey.
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
08-30-2015 justinius Name Pokémon Stadium 2
07-19-2013 Seikenfreak Back Box Art new
05-13-2013 armoredgecko Description Front plastic piece of cartridge is a sparkly gold plastic while the back piece is sparkly grey.
02-13-2012 jcalder8 Barcode 045496870928
02-13-2012 jcalder8 Item Number NUS-NP3E-USA
03-29-2009 NA Created

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8bitthoreall Message
9volt Message
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anil1274 Message
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apocalypseundone Message
aquaregia Message
arcade Message
archer9234 Message
arctic Message
argyle89 Message
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arkansasnes Message
armoredgecko Message
artpro202 Message
aryaaa Message
asendorfalex Message
ashevent Message
ashiphire Message
atariboy Message
auraburst Message
aurnel Message
aviggoX77 Message
awesomeactionman Message
axelcookie Message
azure Message
azuren Message
backtobionic Message
bakerb31 Message
bananeroyale Message
bankslammer Message
baritowned Message
basinpup Message
bassman987 Message
bassmastr Message
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bcn172000 Message
bearsona Message
behemoth617 Message
belldandy Message
bellemarematt Message
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benaque19 Message
benjalehi Message
benrodgers77 Message
beomech Message
bethandroid Message
bikingjahuty Message
Bingk Message
bird7221 Message
BishieT Message
blackice299 Message
blackoutst Message
blastdude Message
blaze892 Message
blazeedge Message
blazixe Message
blipcs76 Message
bloodedgedreaper Message
bloodybaron Message
blurrygil Message
boardgamingpenguin Message
bonesawsgameroom Message
bran2505 Message
brandon2897 Message
brandonl Message
bravehyperfighting Message
brazbit Message
breezer0029 Message
brenden09 Message
brettman Message
brokensilence410 Message
brugal86 Message
bsussex Message
btl1993 Message
budiskool Message
burgernfries Message
burntbeef Message
butterydojima Message
buttkrieg Message
C0nfed Message
caiterz Message
canadiancollector705 Message
captainthighjob Message
carecuxo Message
carrisonfire Message
cartoonmaster Message
cassarah Message
castlevaniaguy86 Message
cawgamer Message
chadoetjen1 Message
chairmanmeow Message
chaosarcanum Message
chaoskiller2000 Message
chaseh1028 Message
chayme Message
checkostarx Message
cheddartot Message
cheesus Message
cheshiredon Message
chessmaster Message
chew Message
chewbuzz Message
Chewyrzrblades Message
chickaboo600 Message
chobiboko Message
chrishyans Message
chronic532 Message
cknepp Message
claycauley Message
clintau24 Message
cloretts Message
closedsocket Message
collect1984 Message
colstubby Message
coltron Message
commandershiro Message
coolswift Message
coop Message
corkscroo Message
Cornish Message
cornykev Message
corvus Message
corygbp Message
cosplaybook Message
cretzy Message
cricemo Message
cryosneasel Message
cshaw16 Message
csteclaire Message
cstorm Message
d1egoprog Message
dalanimilbus Message
dalmanator Message
dampe Message
dangerdolan Message
danrlavoie Message
daoutlaw46 Message
darkdork1 Message
darkman2k5 Message
darkprincess Message
darkrelease Message
darquedante Message
darrick2theend Message
darthcameysawrus Message
dataz722 Message
dayvhy Message
dc11192 Message
Dcollaretti Message
ddrguy440 Message
deepsiix Message
dellamorte77 Message
dennyhuynh Message
dev934 Message
devorin Message
diablo Message
digidesdan Message
diremoose Message
dirtymik3 Message
dkilbride Message
dks3a Message
dlemp Message
dneanover Message
dnoble Message
docfish Message
doctorcavity Message
doctorfeelwell Message
donuil23 Message
doomheralds Message
Douggernaut Message
dracieldefender Message
dragonquarrato Message
dravensth Message
dreama1 Message
dreamstate Message
dreamweaver4444 Message
drewthatgamer Message
dreyfus2006 Message
droaa Message
drs Message
ds20816 Message
dsgoddess Message
dskelley Message
duffadash Message
duhhinventory Message
Dustin Message
dyslexia4cure Message
earth495 Message
earth495 Message
earthakatsuki Message
eclipseninja Message
eddrix Message
eddydisaster Message
edennis8 Message
edz Message
einsteinssbm Message
electthedesert Message
elftastic Message
eliphas0 Message
eliterubberduck Message
eltrion Message
emagen303 Message
emceemd Message
emeraldsonic Message
emmajo Message
emporerdragon Message
endogamer Message
engarmando Message
enixsquared Message
epicninjask123 Message
erzeck Message
ess2s2 Message
eternia Message
ethancw Message
ewoknasty Message
facundomounes Message
fadeilson Message
fairmetallichands Message
Fairplay Message
farsight2000 Message
fatesopeth Message
fatherfarva Message
fatumfl Message
ffmaniac2050 Message
filligan Message
fixion Message
fladechen Message
flameblade29 Message
Flashback2012 Message
fmofdeath Message
fo0dnippl3 Message
forwhatremains Message
frankidou Message
fredb555 Message
FroggestSpirit Message
fumeshi Message
furabixa Message
gamb Message
gamebit Message
gameboygeek Message
gamefed Message
gamemaster529 Message
gamer48 Message
gamerforchrist Message
GamerNick Message
gamerrequiem Message
garrettperry Message
gaxel Message
gbaspike Message
gbear Message
gdmenezs Message
geekonfire Message
geekysnorlax0717 Message
geforcefly Message
ghostwarmen Message
gigamajig Message
ginnunga Message
ginrai Message
glefferson Message
globorojo Message
gnarlyneeks Message
goldenjustice Message
gorylk24 Message
gorypaldin2 Message
greatjusticezig Message
greenrob Message
greenstranger Message
grimllock Message
grose Message
grsgameover Message
gumonshoe Message
guyincognito Message
gyrovorbis Message
halfasianjoe Message
hamlet Message
happykari6194 Message
havoc22 Message
hawtpawkit Message
hayden Message
haziz Message
hazzy Message
heavengeance Message
heavymetalpowerslave Message
heehopunk Message
helvetiaking Message
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hexidimentional Message
hirokareo Message
honeyconsistency Message
hughristik Message
hwplivnlow Message
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jediintraining Message
jellophile Message
jellyka Message
jeremiah051886 Message
jerrinatah Message
jessetavares24 Message
jessetyler Message
jibbygog Message
jimmyw305 Message
jitzuthemonk Message
jlindholme47 Message
jm3d Message
jmrebs Message
johnmadison Message
johnmatthewgrey Message
johnnychase Message
jokerman1716 Message
jonahs Message
jordanarowland Message
joshualeonhart Message
jowy Message
jpostalwait Message
jricanrod1 Message
jrjigga57 Message
jsaylors23 Message
jsgd241 Message
jtuck595 Message
judorunner Message
juegos Message
juliebordage Message
jumpercabelz Message
jurassicjeep12 Message
justinius Message
justinius Message
justinius Message
justinno Message
justinr25 Message
jwetzell Message
kaitex Message
kamenridersurtr Message
kanamine Message
kanowrx Message
karasulf Message
karasutengu Message
karinamori Message
karubi Message
kat Message
katough Message
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kdenicolo Message
keenanam Message
keikuina Message
kenbowen Message
kens0u Message
kentuckycc Message
kevinstriker Message
kinelaz Message
kingrat101 Message
kirigiri Message
kiryu Message
kiyoshir13 Message
klwolf2000 Message
knapperr Message
knight90 Message
komodos Message
koozbane Message
koreyschaefer Message
kraziekaity Message
kripey Message
krmak Message
krunks Message
kurisutofa Message
lanzajr26 Message
lazymegaman Message
lbarber Message
leatherrebel1984 Message
leatherrebel5150 Message
leej Message
legendarysupermario Message
leon2108 Message
licjohnny21 Message
lilleorg Message
Limeface Message
link313 Message
lminnier Message
loganwx2003 Message
lokus Message
lonejobber Message
loomis Message
lordjohn Message
lostrocko Message
lunanightmare Message
m3rcurymorbid Message
madamesavvy Message
madmoai Message
malcavbr Message
mammothlps Message
mandlar Message
mangascraps Message
manicent Message
manikku Message
manomow Message
manuelink64 Message
martylarson Message
masteroftheclaw Message
matimo4u Message
matthew36x Message
matthewdk64 Message
mattm18 Message
mattyice Message
maverickrenegade Message
MaximusLupis Message
mbornholdt Message
mc8045 Message
mcbrinkman Message
mcburgers Message
mcourneya Message
meetbalhed Message
megabitch85 Message
megabomberman Message
megametalgamer Message
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memorycardarchives Message
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myviewing Message
n8theist Message
nado64 Message
nathanielfoster Message
nattieboompo Message
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neekow Message
neoblitz Message
neoganzo Message
nhlfreak66 Message
nichisgreek Message
nicholosbmiller Message
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nickawesome Message
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nickshaner Message
ninjad1423 Message
nintendoseibs85 Message
nintendragon Message
nmiller Message
noobshul Message
noquartergaming Message
nowayyeahright Message
nqg Message
nukem90 Message
nuzzums Message
Oathkeeper42 Message
ocarinaoftom Message
octoroktopus Message
oilersfan1995 Message
olafberserker37 Message
omegamustard Message
omgsohc Message
omi90 Message
oppai Message
oracion64 Message
oscarsalaiz Message
osunekovan Message
osvgk Message
ouachitajess Message
outroller Message
pabloguillermo Message
pablovin Message
palazzi Message
pandagames Message
papabearzach Message
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pepsiwithcoke Message
pesvastus Message
phazerxo09 Message
phoenixflower Message
pikapikari Message
pis Message
plisse Message
plixs1 Message
poilkjmnb Message
PolarisZenKai Message
polygonalpixel Message
presertim Message
priest06 Message
princesspeachy Message
PrinnyLord Message
ProgMetal64 Message
protocormic Message
psychonaut87 Message
puggletron88 Message
purpleispretty Message
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purrvanasgames Message
pyrofool Message
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radioactivezombiedragon Message
raggerreadfish Message
rambirhinorider Message
ranaerekindled Message
rawkhawk Message
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rbausman Message
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redblaze57 Message
reddog72 Message
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redx03 Message
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republicankid Message
residualpants Message
retr0nova Message
retroblm Message
retrofire7 Message
retrogamingdad Message
retrohumanoid Message
RetroRiley Message
rgr2600 Message
rgrindell Message
rhf Message
richard85 Message
rileythelostboy Message
rjizzle Message
rnhwilliams Message
robertoman Message
rockmo Message
rollzero Message
royalrift Message
rpgmaster Message
rsgibb Message
rszafryk Message
rubic Message
rukakurenai Message
ruuruu1280 Message
ryder97 Message
rydias Message
saberwolf Message
saffrongamer Message
sailokynn Message
SaintJared Message
sakaboto Message
sakurirainne Message
salamitsunami Message
sasquatch4130 Message
SavurX Message
sceptios Message
scottishdoktah Message
scraph4ppy Message
seebothaseeb Message
segaomega21 Message
seidelc Message
seifer2001 Message
Seikenfreak Message
senortacobell Message
sessiz Message
sethrman Message
sevyntnein Message
Shadow112345 Message
shadowdorothy Message
shadoweluch Message
shadowgames Message
ShadowHunted Message
shadowmoses05 Message
ShadowRavenGaming Message
shadowscout Message
shadowthepika Message
shaggyneo Message
shaunie95 Message
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sketchman44 Message
skunkape529 Message
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SmartSped Message
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someyoungbloke Message
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sorosuub1 Message
soulofregret Message
spagettd Message
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square1286 Message
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stealthratify Message
steelc00kie Message
stellar2600 Message
stereovisionable Message
stevo701 Message
strider849 Message
stuey Message
suckaslim Message
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sumiosquirrel Message
superisaias64 Message
supertrunks150 Message
suptiger Message
surg3 Message
svw420 Message
sweetsideburns Message
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tafk Message
TallAwkwardGamer Message
TamerVirus Message
TamerVirus Message
taylorpi Message
tbsquishy Message
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tenohsei Message
tetrises Message
tfarrow1990 Message
thatguy183 Message
thatguyfromdoom Message
the1fd Message
thebigblaaaaah Message
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theddevil Message
TheDreadGazeebo Message
thefatjuice Message
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thefrenchwickler Message
theglewman Message
thegooch989 Message
TheHunterPersian Message
theinfamousassassin Message
thekingof8bit Message
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themtwigman Message
theninjaturkey Message
thequirts Message
thevampireburt Message
thievinstealberg Message
thomps333 Message
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thoseweirdgames Message
Thrillho Message
thunderbrain2002 Message
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tiltoverload Message
timd4222 Message
timd4222 Message
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velcro4hair Message
vertigo325 Message
vgsquirrel Message
vianeymzch Message
vicoiglesias Message
videolucas Message
vincehabs Message
vinuash Message
Violentraid Message
vladoune Message
vmelo Message
voxel Message
vpxggmr17 Message
wakeboardr360 Message
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warpedatari02 Message
wartoy Message
washerdryercombo Message
wasperine Message
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whybeare Message
willhawthorne Message
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wyldtiger4102 Message
xalechim Message
xanotherdaydownx Message
xmike94 Message
xoddf2 Message
xoleras20099 Message
xsuicidesn0wmanx Message
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yaboikef Message
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yobtorg Message
yoshikid666 Message
yui714 Message
zah Message
zenikoetsu Message
zepps24 Message
zero6313 Message
zniddle Message
ZombifiedBreakfast Message
zurain Message
zz123by680 Message
zzdog30 Message

This is a list of VGCollect users who have Pokémon Stadium 2 in their Sell List.

Username Message
claycauley Message
Oheao Message
possiblelist Message
retrogamingdad Message

This is a list of VGCollect users who have Pokémon Stadium 2 in their Wish List.

Username Message
adamchilders Message
afroyoshi Message
allieempire Message
AmazingPhoenix Message
andfpr Message
arcanine Message
azireal Message
babb87 Message
baileykun Message
battlekatt Message
beedawgg Message
beefdx Message
bernolsven Message
bigjoe91 Message
bigonanime Message
binderhead Message
blackarachnid41 Message
blackdoublecut Message
blairwitch90 Message
blodwast Message
booton Message
bouncepad Message
bperry731 Message
brucelee3000 Message
bulbasaur001 Message
Bwigdahl Message
capnbear Message
captainbill Message
cashdodge Message
cawzy Message
ck47 Message
clockworkmoxie Message
coverprinter Message
cwschaub178 Message
darknessedg3 Message
darthmaximus17 Message
davifus Message
deadsouls97 Message
destroyingjames Message
djr135 Message
doctorx Message
earle117 Message
ellechupacabra Message
empovyle Message
Exit Message
explosion352 Message
eyesoffiction Message
fachie102 Message
felipebpc2 Message
femtogodhand Message
fireelements Message
fizzlewizard Message
fojlop Message
franticdav Message
fueno Message
gamerrethink Message
ganondoom Message
garagetoad Message
gf78 Message
goldteamrules Message
gomi321 Message
greenwolf248 Message
grumpyguru Message
gummyx Message
gymleaderbane Message
hawk767 Message
headwithoutaface Message
himaru Message
iamwidowmaker Message
imi4tth3w Message
invis Message
itsemiihello Message
jaimeeselena Message
jambi46n2 Message
jdkw50 Message
jurassicjeep12 Message
justin8301 Message
kbishop711 Message
kennatriz Message
keywitewolf Message
kntstar Message
kokonami Message
krazykarl1435 Message
krbdub Message
lavoiefo Message
lonerhalz Message
lordscott Message
lowfrequency Message
marcuswc Message
martymcfly Message
megasilverx1 Message
merriphi0001421 Message
mew2neitor Message
mlaborda Message
motrax Message
mozobozo Message
mp0309 Message
mrdizazta Message
nefarious Message
nickkchilla Message
octa Message
otapota Message
pastyboii Message
patrickmeansly Message
personauser9489 Message
pontoon Message
pwnage765 Message
qchaze Message
quirarte Message
raindroplet Message
rangerlunis Message
ravenofwar Message
razor13 Message
remix Message
retroraideraustin Message
robert89 Message
rocktheshazbot Message
romevi Message
rrudnicki11 Message
sagespirtos Message
samltd Message
scf3 Message
sefferson Message
senrak Message
senshisilence Message
shepard11 Message
sjdrek Message
skippy0417 Message
slipknotsam Message
soma21 Message
stevenhott Message
stroud Message
supergroundpound Message
tamrick Message
telly Message
tetriad Message
timeturner92 Message
tizzemand Message
tsdtomahawk Message
tylerbacz Message
underoathaaron Message
vancha Message
viperzang Message
vmelo Message
volrat Message
wildfirezer0 Message
willywampa84 Message
winitosh Message
winsomewhales Message
wolfyduh Message
woodengrasp Message
xbeastx92 Message
xbit Message
xnblank Message
xoleras20099 Message
zodiacin308 Message
zyaldar Message

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