Nintendo GameCube - Indigo (One controller image) [NA] Box Art
Nintendo GameCube - Indigo (One controller image) [NA] Box Art
Nintendo GameCube - Indigo (One controller image) [NA] Box Art


Nintendo GameCube - Indigo (One controller image) [NA]

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Alt-Name GameCube
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Developer(s): Nintendo
Platform: GameCube Hardware
Genre: NA
Rating: NA
Item Number: DOL S VTB
Barcode: 045496940010
Release Date: November 18 2001
Description: Console model DOL-001
The side of the box features the Memory Card, one Nintendo GameCube Controller, Modem Adaptor, and Component Video Cable accessories
Box Text: This Set Includes:
• AC Adapter: DOL-002 (USA) 120 Volt Use Only
• Indigo Nintendo GameCube: DOL-001 (USA)
• Indigo Controller: DOL-003
• Stereo A/V Cable: SHVC-008
Date User Field Value
01-13-2020 silverbow Box Text This Set Includes: • AC Adapter: DOL-002 (USA) 120 Volt Use Only • Indigo Nintendo GameCube: DOL-001 (USA) • Indigo Controller: DOL-003 • Stereo A/V Cable: SHVC-008
01-13-2020 silverbow Barcode 045496940010
11-23-2018 mark1982 Front Box Art new
06-13-2018 telly Description Console model DOL-001 The side of the box features the Memory Card, one Nintendo GameCube Controller, Modem Adaptor, and Component Video Cable accessories
06-13-2018 telly Name Nintendo GameCube - Indigo (One controller image) [NA]
12-26-2017 telly Back Box Art new
12-26-2017 telly Description Console model DOL-001 Back box art has quote, image of GameCube disc.
12-26-2017 telly Item Number DOL S VTB
12-26-2017 telly Name Nintendo GameCube - (DOL-001, GameCube Disc, Quote) [NA]
02-19-2017 samsquanch Item Number DOL-001
02-18-2016 aliensstudios Box Text
02-18-2016 aliensstudios Front Box Art new
02-18-2016 aliensstudios Release Date - Year 2001
02-18-2016 aliensstudios Release Date - Day 18
02-18-2016 aliensstudios Release Date - Month 11
02-18-2016 aliensstudios Publisher 16
02-18-2016 aliensstudios Developer 8
07-26-2014 mbornholdt Box Text Manufacturer description The Nintendo GameCube system is loaded with innovative features. From its fast loading, high capacity optical disk to its four controller ports, Nintendo GameCube was made to provide you with the most entertaining gaming experience possible. One look at the Nintendo GameCube hardware and you know it's different. The compact shape is not only practical - the unique design is symbolic of Nintendo's commitment to focus on creating the world's most original and innovative video games. Nintendo GameCube is focused on fun. With a game library of hundreds of titles in all possible genres, powerful technical specs, and a cast of exclusive characters unrivaled by any other system, players in search of a great gaming experience need look no farther.
07-26-2014 mbornholdt Alt-Name GameCube
01-24-2012 scott Name Nintendo GameCube - Indigo [NA]
01-24-2012 scott Platform / Category 190
06-01-2011 katough Created

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