Life Force Box Art
Life Force Box Art
Life Force Box Art

Life Force

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Estimated Value: $6.95 [via]
Alt-Name Salamander
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Konami Computer Entertainment Japan
Publisher(s): Konami
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System [US]
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up
Rating: NA
Item Number: NES-LF-USA
Barcode: NA
Release Date: August 1 1988
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
03-17-2014 nintendojuggalo Item Number NES-LF-USA
03-17-2014 nintendojuggalo Alt-Name Salamander
NA NA Created

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05dodgeram Message
0xfuzz Message
1979blackmalibu Message
315retro Message
4agemenace Message
7thLeveLReviews Message
8bitboice Message
8bitnintendo Message
8bittheologian Message
8bitwarrior Message
absolutekaty Message
accaris Message
ad Message
adrianoo Message
ahgoramit Message
ahuffman Message
ajk Message
akiller07 Message
alfatrion36 Message
allisonunderland Message
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amsxevo8 Message
Anaelito Message
andoru90 Message
andyleems Message
angelboricua Message
aperturelilytron Message
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ApolloBoy Message
arcadexelite Message
argyle89 Message
arioca Message
arkansasnes Message
articanos Message
artorious Message
ashleigh Message
atariboy Message
atebit Message
axelcookie Message
azalin19751975 Message
backtobionic Message
baiken Message
baseball142 Message
bawsegorilla Message
beisel1111 Message
bejasinski Message
beng76 Message
bigcraboski Message
bigdaddydarth Message
billypowergamer Message
blipcs76 Message
bloodedgedreaper Message
bluehorse Message
bluemonday Message
blurrygil Message
bobonbass Message
bobrocks Message
bobster Message
bobtheretrogamer Message
brandon913 Message
brbybee Message
BreaKBeatZ Message
breezer0029 Message
brigannd Message
bunnymanzeddy Message
burningdoom Message
burritoad Message
bvp Message
byron Message
cacadodo666 Message
canadianspeedrunners Message
capincold Message
captainwrong Message
Casetuar Message
Castle Message
castlevaniaguy86 Message
cawzy Message
chaosarcanum Message
chasedemos Message
checkostarx Message
cheshiredon Message
chewbuzz Message
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cmoliveira Message
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crgx82 Message
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ctbmartillery Message
cyberpunknut Message
dalamar Message
damnthecursed Message
danasgd Message
danielwalker6 Message
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daoutlaw46 Message
darkkobold Message
darko Message
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darthpepper Message
davecrosson Message
davidcastro80 Message
davifus Message
dawg338 Message
dayday228 Message
dbbangin Message
dc11192 Message
dcarls7 Message
deadfish617 Message
deaditeash Message
death259 Message
defthead Message
deicidalwarpig666 Message
delmar001 Message
deltron00 Message
demonllama6124 Message
dethlikesilence Message
dharmajones93 Message
diabolicalmoo Message
digidesdan Message
disk1of5 Message
djeks00 Message
djfailsafe Message
djscompton Message
domthepeng Message
doncosmo Message
donpachi Message
donsolo128 Message
doomer192 Message
dootan Message
drewcelery Message
drewsquire Message
drinktobones Message
dronetones Message
dtrain13 Message
dubiousgamingonline Message
duckfist Message
duderobert125 Message
dylanteebobb Message
dyslexia4cure Message
eclipseninja Message
ejay16us Message
eliphas0 Message
elscotty Message
elyser Message
emceemd Message
emeraldsonic Message
emleaux Message
empireNA Message
eraserarcade Message
ericmerl Message
escrimsher Message
ewoknasty Message
exonerator Message
faxanadude Message
fenderholic88 Message
ferrousdude Message
ffmaniac2050 Message
ffxik Message
fireelements Message
fireheart00 Message
firstblood Message
flash85 Message
Flashback2012 Message
fretlessguitaristx Message
frigus5 Message
frisco Message
frodrigu32 Message
fsinretro Message
furabixa Message
fzd03 Message
gameguypeter Message
gamergene Message
gamerslife Message
garasu Message
gartcat Message
garvin Message
garyob1 Message
gavagai Message
geektacular Message
genocifer Message
gf78 Message
ghost7786 Message
giffstone Message
gingermaliboosh Message
glenntwd Message
godnightshade Message
goldteamrules Message
gooddoctorace Message
gorbrushthriftweed Message
gorefreek Message
grizzleb33s Message
gryffindarkbreed Message
gtitus76 Message
gumonshoe Message
gusseven Message
guyincognito Message
hakkai687 Message
halbyblu Message
halfasianjoe Message
hammerhead Message
hatperson Message
haymaker426 Message
helmeto Message
herowithamnesia Message
hexen Message
homerhomer Message
honeyconsistency Message
housethemous Message
hungrygoriya Message
huxley Message
hyruleu Message
iamkelso Message
iammatto Message
iaunlimited Message
icyhottacos Message
idurbin Message
idurbin Message
ignition365 Message
infinitemonkey Message
innocentsoul Message
ismokesourdiesel Message
j1eazy Message
jacemartin Message
jackie879 Message
jacosta24 Message
jagh1984 Message
james27 Message
jbudny Message
jdllama Message
jeddison Message
jedidrunkenllama Message
jeetdoh Message
jeffcox111 Message
jegged Message
jehusephat Message
jer54 Message
jer54 Message
jesse813 Message
jessetavares24 Message
jfvaldivieso Message
jisho23 Message
jjohnston89 Message
jlatimer11 Message
jmil8502 Message
jmrueii Message
jobocan Message
Joebones10 Message
joehaaafs Message
johanmcdougal Message
johnf420 Message
johnnyonthespot Message
jollie66610 Message
jonathanmapley Message
jonathanny Message
jonnyrocket32 Message
jordanarowland Message
joshuamad1978 Message
jpmaher2222 Message
jpmaher2222 Message
jpraab Message
jrabago619 Message
jspydur Message
juegos Message
jxkx18 Message
k311 Message
kamakaz729 Message
karp Message
karvo Message
katough Message
kavas Message
kd7vdb Message
keldon Message
kevinrayhoover Message
kevinstriker Message
kevleo679 Message
khog143 Message
kialkialkrocodial Message
kilid Message
kilros Message
kingbenny78 Message
kingck Message
kingrat101 Message
kingrex2000 Message
kizzer70 Message
klytusimbored Message
knight90 Message
knorsk Message
kntstar Message
knuckleknuts Message
kogyochi Message
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krisstoff Message
krownedzero Message
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kurosilv3r Message
kyuss015 Message
l3randon35 Message
lacdex64 Message
leatherrebel5150 Message
legendarysupermario Message
lexus Message
lhd Message
libernullmal Message
licjohnny21 Message
lide128 Message
lunanightmare Message
lurchskywalker Message
lurg Message
madfistmikey Message
magfest Message
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mail187man Message
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mandlar Message
manuelink64 Message
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mayberry Message
mbornholdt Message
mc8045 Message
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meetbalhed Message
megabomberman Message
megreat1 Message
melf Message
melojeff Message
metalslime Message
michaelelder Message
midnightaaron Message
milthiade Message
mistercrash Message
misterkeebler Message
mmmd0nuts Message
mo1134 Message
mogigrumbles Message
mojojones Message
molotivo Message
momentsago Message
mpksabres Message
mrboboto Message
mrfaust Message
mrnergles Message
mrnikon Message
mrweeaboo Message
mrzorage Message
mulciberxp Message
MurphysLaw Message
mustyhobbit Message
mutatedleg Message
my58vw Message
nabukudurriusur Message
namedjughead Message
nathanielfoster Message
natorexe Message
ndlm Message
necron99 Message
needlecrash Message
nefariouswes Message
nellen Message
neomysterion Message
neoscyther Message
Nescollector101 Message
nespest Message
nessfromearthbound Message
nessnesmaster Message
nessofonett Message
ngoodlett Message
nickawesome Message
nightowljrm Message
nintendojuggalo Message
nintendoseibs85 Message
nitropunk224 Message
nlfuller77 Message
nme Message
nmiller Message
no1likesdennis Message
noisepurge Message
northshiver Message
npx87 Message
numberj Message
nviso209 Message
nyarlathotep Message
october464 Message
odnarb1986 Message
ogrehombre Message
olafberserker37 Message
olanx Message
oldgamerz Message
omegamustard Message
omegastoner Message
omn1slash Message
osvgk Message
overclockn Message
panjin79 Message
patricktamu Message
persona420 Message
personator81 Message
PFG9000 Message
phr0zen13 Message
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pllanos85 Message
popeyfolger Message
powerofzero Message
professorgigglepeppers Message
protodomepete Message
protostar Message
protostar Message
pslocom Message
psycowayne23 Message
ptw2287 Message
punkguy95 Message
queenanthai Message
quickpaw Message
quiverclaw Message
radiosilents Message
ragingprawn Message
raiderred Message
raiksha Message
raisedbynintendo Message
rallymk1 Message
randybobandy Message
rangerrandp Message
rap Message
rappo Message
razor13 Message
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rdonahue87 Message
realchris Message
realityinruin Message
red5StandingBy Message
redblaze57 Message
redgorgonzola Message
redhare Message
redman061 Message
regginmad Message
renderizado Message
renrut Message
repopolicious Message
resonatorxl Message
retroaddict804 Message
retroblm Message
retrofire7 Message
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retrogamingnerd9988 Message
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retrohumanoid Message
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retromangia Message
retroneshunter Message
retrotoycollector Message
rewindmike Message
richard85 Message
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ricketbat Message
ripriot Message
robospork Message
robotwo Message
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rook3769 Message
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sammickk Message
samsung82 Message
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scape3d Message
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schwarrzenegger Message
scoobs22 Message
scottielindsay Message
scriptless Message
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shadowmoses05 Message
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sheetstain Message
shepard11 Message
shir0 Message
shitpostmcfrance Message
shootthecore Message
sidetrakkd Message
sidianlazarus Message
silentcomplexity Message
silverbow Message
sinmonkey Message
sirhcman Message
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slipknotsam Message
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sloppycopperbottom Message
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SmartSped Message
smgothic666 Message
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spac316 Message
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spaceout73 Message
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stevenholly Message
stevenlavey Message
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stlgamer75 Message
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strider80 Message
stryder922 Message
stryfehiro Message
Stryphos Message
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sumiosquirrel Message
supernesturbo Message
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takesh1kitano Message
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thebigblaaaaah Message
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TheDreadGazeebo Message
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timberwolf460 Message
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tk421tmj Message
tmagtuna Message
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turbogenesisphil Message
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tw1tch Message
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ub3rgoob3r Message
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ubisoftectoplasm Message
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upondoom Message
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utahpunk Message
utahpunk Message
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vaxorama Message
vgcollectorrus Message
vikkib421 Message
viktarthebarbarian Message
vmelo Message
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vrata68 Message
vsnake Message
wallzter Message
WannaTradePants Message
Warmsignal Message
warpedatari02 Message
wartoy Message
washerdryercombo Message
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wildride2008 Message
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zmcdowell88 Message
zurain Message

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Username Message
retrogamingdad Message
xcaliber Message

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Username Message
agentaxiom Message
avodroc Message
beedawgg Message
boccman Message
brodus Message
busser Message
captainbill Message
charlesp1138 Message
chaseh1028 Message
CheesyNacho Message
coliver80 Message
conyeezy Message
covenantn Message
coverprinter Message
crazyjohnt1 Message
darkdork1 Message
darthmaximus17 Message
defouque Message
djheartforce Message
dmassey Message
doubleunicorn Message
dtpm60 Message
endlessmike Message
exsoldierff7 Message
felineretrogamer Message
femtogodhand Message
flameblade29 Message
formalandy Message
fourty9erfan1 Message
frank1978 Message
gnawmean Message
helioscentaur Message
iadena Message
iamwidowmaker Message
insanecableguy Message
ivanissetheast Message
jboyce91 Message
jcoulter79 Message
jeffmandm Message
jlink4603 Message
jwc13ac Message
kfharlock Message
krbdub Message
kreton Message
luisavila Message
matthew36x Message
mavjdm Message
mcfacepalm Message
mhmsodoi Message
mhwarrior Message
mlaborda Message
monsterburrito Message
mtprezzy Message
mugifi Message
nefarious Message
nikkondead Message
nizar818 Message
nwh Message
originalevil Message
rangerlunis Message
retrogamer418 Message
retrorevelations Message
sasquatch4130 Message
see4 Message
shpadoinkal Message
skirvin Message
slightlyflightyone Message
soulglow Message
srv80 Message
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sveino Message
tamrick Message
therandel Message
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timwazheer Message
ultimaton Message
venom2002 Message
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ziondood Message
zodiacin308 Message

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