Excitebike 64 Box Art
Excitebike 64 Box Art
Excitebike 64 Box Art

Excitebike 64

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Estimated Value: $11.91 [via PriceCharting.com]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Developer(s): Left Field Productions
Platform: Nintendo 64 [NA]
Genre: Racing
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: NUS-NMXE-USA
Barcode: 045496870522
Release Date: June 23 2000
Description: There are several game modes to choose from. First, there is a season mode with multiple skill levels. Completing a 5-race season in first place unlocks special tracks and more difficult classes. Second, there is a exhibition mode which allows you and up to 3 other people to choose a single track to race on. Third, there is a time trial mode in which you try to get the best times on the 20 tracks.
Box Text: Experience extreme MX! You grind your way through the hairpin turn, a wall of mud exploding in your wake. Your next jump launches you into the air - you pull off a spectacular double no-footed can-can and become an instant legend! In Excitebike 64, you'll find all the high-flying action, heart-stopping stunts and bone-jarring crashes of the extreme sport of motocross. It'll set the daredevil inside you free. 20 stadium tracks and awesome outdoor courses - plus six different riders with six unique styles!
Date User Field Value
03-29-2009 NA Created

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