Mega Man 6 Box Art
Mega Man 6 Box Art
Mega Man 6 Box Art


Mega Man 6

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Estimated Value: $34.77 [via]
Alt-Name Rockman 6: The Greatest Battle Ever!!
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Developer(s): Capcom
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System [US]
Also on Platforms: 3DS eShop [NA]
Genre: Platformer
Rating: None
Item Number: NES-G6-USA-1
Barcode: 045496630768
Release Date: March 1994
Description: Capcom did not publish this game in North America when it was released. Nintendo obtained the rights to distribute the game themselves instead. Capcom's logo is nowhere to be found on the box of the American version of the game. Capcom is only mentioned in the copyrights and trademarks in the bottom right hand corner of the box.
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
08-03-2015 Flashback2012 Barcode 045496630768
12-09-2012 nintendojuggalo Cart/Disc/Media Art new
12-09-2012 nintendojuggalo Publisher 16
12-09-2012 nintendojuggalo Alt-Name Rockman 6: The Greatest Battle Ever!!
01-27-2012 forte Publisher 859
01-27-2012 forte Description Capcom did not publish this game in North America when it was released. Nintendo obtained the rights to distribute the game themselves instead. Capcom's logo is nowhere to be found on the box of the American version of the game. Capcom is only mentioned in the copyrights and trademarks in the bottom right hand corner of the box.
NA NA Created

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drmoocowz Message
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lunanightmare Message
retrogamingdad Message
zancho Message

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1976evil Message
abe Message
advancedbeginner Message
akame26 Message
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andrewsouder Message
anonymousguy3 Message
ApolloBoy Message
arcadexelite Message
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bierzilla Message
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blodwast Message
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cassarah Message
chaseh1028 Message
CheesyNacho Message
claybaron Message
conyeezy Message
covenantn Message
darkantagony Message
darknessedg3 Message
darthmaximus17 Message
dbow260 Message
derrjamie Message
devicat Message
devilmaypie Message
dharmaboy Message
diabolicalmoo Message
djeks00 Message
dmassey Message
dondetti Message
doubleunicorn Message
drewcifer Message
dtpm60 Message
Dylanmp1 Message
eliterubberduck Message
essoess Message
eternia Message
explosion352 Message
fallouthero Message
felineretrogamer Message
femtogodhand Message
fighterpilot562 Message
flashfunk Message
fmofdeath Message
fmt527 Message
formalandy Message
forwhatremains Message
foxdiamondwing Message
fthesoundguy Message
fumeshi Message
furysstylez Message
ganondoom Message
guyincognito Message
hakkai687 Message
haxorjim Message
helioscentaur Message
hipp1e Message
hugzmeh Message
iamwidowmaker Message
icemirrors18 Message
jackdaripper Message
jakep47 Message
jakep47 Message
jamelton23 Message
jeffsgames Message
jkconolly Message
jlink4603 Message
jm5126 Message
jmil8502 Message
johnnychase Message
johnnyg5646 Message
junttidance Message
justin8301 Message
kensai111 Message
kesselrunpdx Message
kfharlock Message
kingcrimson Message
kupotek Message
laronge Message
lavs23 Message
liminy Message
livington Message
lmh100310 Message
lonejobber Message
lonejobber Message
luisavila Message
maner76 Message
marduk2137 Message
martymcfly Message
mavjdm Message
mehlonhead Message
melf Message
melwing Message
mhmsodoi Message
mhwarrior Message
midnightaaron Message
mistrymix Message
mlaborda Message
monsterburrito Message
motrax Message
mountaindrew998 Message
mrfaust Message
mugifi Message
narr Message
nefarious Message
Neocronic Message
nickkchilla Message
nickknack Message
nikkondead Message
ninjad1423 Message
optimustully Message
originalevil Message
pastyboii Message
patrickmeansly Message
pedrofandang0 Message
personauser9489 Message
pracmakesperf Message
punkguy95 Message
pyrokinesis Message
PyroRaptor Message
qchaze Message
quadrubo Message
raggerreadfish Message
rangerlunis Message
raspewtin Message
razak Message
realchris Message
retrogk Message
Retronaut85 Message
riggs9715 Message
ronyo Message
rrudnicki11 Message
salem Message
sauce Message
scart69 Message
scrillaagadee Message
sexyraisin Message
shir0 Message
shpadoinkal Message
sidianlazarus Message
slipknotsam Message
snekbooper Message
solid Message
squabbler Message
srv80 Message
stevefairweather Message
stevenhott Message
str Message
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stroud Message
supergroundpound Message
surg3 Message
tamrick Message
tenguzame Message
thebionicmonkey Message
theevamonkey Message
therandel Message
therealtboc Message
thrash187 Message
towercycle Message
trinitis Message
tw1tch Message
twebb80 Message
tylerbacz Message
undergroundzell Message
venom2002 Message
volrat Message
volrat Message
waitsup Message
wallyaldo Message
WannaTradePants Message
wesleyp89 Message
whiskcat Message
whiteside Message
willywampa84 Message
winitosh Message
xbeastx92 Message
xbit Message
xterriorate124 Message
yanish Message
yorumi Message
zenwolfsin Message
zmaynard85 Message
zodiacin308 Message
zombierattle Message

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