Ninja Gaiden Box Art
Ninja Gaiden Box Art
Ninja Gaiden Box Art


Ninja Gaiden

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Estimated Value: $10.41 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Tecmo
Developer(s): Tecmo
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System [US]
Also on Platforms: 3DS eShop [EU] 3DS eShop [NA] Arcade PCB GamBoy Gen [NA] GG [BR] GG [EU] GG [JP] GG [NA] Lynx [NA] Mega Drive [EU] Nintendo eShop (Wii U) [EU] Nintendo eShop (Wii U) [NA] PC [NA] Playchoice 10 SMS [AU] SMS [BR] SMS [EU] SMS [JP] Tiger LCD Xbox [EU] Xbox [JP] Xbox [NA]
Genre: Platformer
Rating: NA
Item Number: NES-NG-USA
Barcode: 018946110073
Release Date: March 1989
Description: Came packaged with:
- Cartridge (NES-NG-USA)
- Box (NES-NG-USA)
- Manual (NES-NG-USA)
- Special Bonus Offer From Tecmo (TEC-NES-US)
- Tecmo Poster (TEC-NES-US-1)
- Nintendo Power Subscription Card (PMG-MW-USA)
- Adhesive Address Label (for the mail-in offer)
- Smooth Black Dust Sleeve
Box Text: •Ninja Action!
The stage is set for conspiracy, mystery and evil in America.
Come with Ninja Ryu as he takes you on his fateful journey.

•Tecmo's unique cinema display system develops the story stage by stage.
You piece together the puzzle while watching the movie-like graphics.

•Decide what action to take!
Use the secret sword and items collected during the action scenes to fight your way to your goal.
Date User Field Value
05-14-2020 masamune Description Came packaged with: - Cartridge (NES-NG-USA) - Box (NES-NG-USA) - Manual (NES-NG-USA) - Special Bonus Offer From Tecmo (TEC-NES-US) - Tecmo Poster (TEC-NES-US-1) - Nintendo Power Subscription Card (PMG-MW-USA) - Adhesive Address Label (for the mail-in offer) - Smooth Black Dust Sleeve
05-14-2020 masamune Box Text •Ninja Action! The stage is set for conspiracy, mystery and evil in America. Come with Ninja Ryu as he takes you on his fateful journey. •Tecmo's unique cinema display system develops the story stage by stage. You piece together the puzzle while watching the movie-like graphics. •Decide what action to take! Use the secret sword and items collected during the action scenes to fight your way to your goal.
07-20-2019 masamune Description Came packaged with: - Cartridge (NES-NG-USA) - Box (NES-NG-USA) - Manual (NES-NG-USA) - Special Bonus Offer From Tecmo (TEC-NES-US) - Tecmo Poster (TEC-NES-US-1) - Nintendo Power Subscription Card (PMG-QU-USA) - Flat Black Dust Sleeve
08-08-2014 critter7405 Barcode 018946110073
12-09-2012 nintendojuggalo Item Number NES-NG-USA
12-09-2012 nintendojuggalo Cart/Disc/Media Art new
NA NA Created

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