Street Fighter II Box Art
Street Fighter II Box Art
Street Fighter II Box Art


Street Fighter II

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Estimated Value: $11.46 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Capcom
Developer(s): Capcom
Platform: Super Nintendo [NA]
Also on Platforms: Amiga [EU] Atari ST [EU] C64 Cassettes [EU] GB [EU] GB [JP] GB [NA] NES [BR] PC [EU] PC [NA] Steam Super Famicom [JP] Tiger LCD X68000 [JP]
Genre: Fighting
Rating: None
Item Number: SNS-P-S2
Barcode: 013388130054
Release Date: July 1992
Description: Cart: SNS-S2-USA
From across the globe comes eight of the wildest fighters the world has ever known. Choose your champion, gather your courage and prepare to battle your opponents in a bare knuckle brawl. Face Ken and his devastation "Dragon Punch"! Watch the temperature rise as Dhalsim incinerates you with his mystical Yoga Flame! Hear your spine crack as Zangief smashes you to the pavement with his spinning pile driver! Cover your ears as Guile breaks the sound barrier with the awesome power of the Sonic Boom!
Annihilate your competition and claim the right to test your skills against the bone-crushing power of the Grand Masters! Can you survive? Can Anyone?
Date User Field Value
08-16-2019 aliensstudios Box Text STREET FIGHTER II™ GET READY TO RUMBLE! From across the globe comes eight of the wildest fighters the world has ever known. Choose your champion, gather your courage and prepare to battle your opponents in a bare knuckle brawl. Face Ken and his devastation "Dragon Punch"! Watch the temperature rise as Dhalsim incinerates you with his mystical Yoga Flame! Hear your spine crack as Zangief smashes you to the pavement with his spinning pile driver! Cover your ears as Guile breaks the sound barrier with the awesome power of the Sonic Boom! Annihilate your competition and claim the right to test your skills against the bone-crushing power of the Grand Masters! Can you survive? Can Anyone?
03-21-2017 tripredacus Back Box Art new
03-21-2017 tripredacus Description Cart: SNS-S2-USA
03-21-2017 tripredacus Item Number SNS-P-S2
02-08-2016 silverbow Barcode 013388130054
11-09-2012 darko Cart/Disc/Media Art new
NA NA Created

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