New Super Mario Bros. U Box Art
New Super Mario Bros. U Box Art
New Super Mario Bros. U Box Art

New Super Mario Bros. U

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Estimated Value: $21.22 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Nintendo
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Wii U [NA]
Genre: Platformer
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: WUP-ARPE-USZ
Barcode: 045496902995
Release Date: November 18 2012
Description: NA
Box Text: An all-new Mario adventure-only on Wii U!

Explore a gigantic world solo, or help out your friends by using the Wii U GamePad controller!

Push your Mario skills to the limit with the new Challenge and Boost Rush modes.

Share your game experiences with friends by posting messages straight to the World Map with Miiverse.
Date User Field Value
05-22-2014 Back Box Art new
05-22-2014 Front Box Art new
05-22-2014 Box Text An all-new Mario adventure-only on Wii U! Explore a gigantic world solo, or help out your friends by using the Wii U GamePad controller! Push your Mario skills to the limit with the new Challenge and Boost Rush modes. Share your game experiences with friends by posting messages straight to the World Map with Miiverse.
01-04-2013 tpugmire Cart/Disc/Media Art new
01-04-2013 tpugmire Back Box Art new
01-04-2013 tpugmire Front Box Art new
11-21-2012 tpugmire Item Number WUP-ARPE-USZ
11-19-2012 st01c Barcode 045496902995
11-19-2012 st01c Box Text An all-new Mario adventure-only on Wii U! Explore a gigantic world solo, or help out your friends by using the Wii U GamePad controller! Push your Mario skills to the limit with the new Challenge and Boost Rush modes. Share your game experiences with friends by posting messages straight to the World Map with Miiverse.
11-19-2012 st01c Rating 2
10-22-2012 exonerator Front Box Art new
10-22-2012 dakinggamer87 Front Box Art new
10-22-2012 tpugmire Created

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C0nfed Message
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chronoivalice Message
chunguyenaz Message
chutoy Message
ciphergurl Message
cjmd420 Message
classicgamescanada Message
climas Message
clintau24 Message
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cloretts Message
cmoliveira Message
cobyvfd13 Message
coffeeperson Message
cogdillb Message
collemag Message
computerdrums Message
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cooltobeyou81 Message
coraguardian Message
coreykun667 Message
Cornish Message
coryoon Message
cpaschal Message
crash7800 Message
CrashTown Message
crgx82 Message
crix Message
crono1973 Message
cryosneasel Message
cthulthu Message
dakinggamer87 Message
dakki Message
danteisis Message
daoutlaw46 Message
darkknight4251 Message
darrenlm Message
darthkrelian Message
darthmaximus17 Message
darthpepper Message
dashcancel Message
dataz722 Message
datkip Message
davisguy64 Message
dayvhy Message
dbztito Message
deadpixels Message
deadvariety Message
deadvariety Message
deadvariety Message
deceptiion Message
decon1313 Message
defthead Message
deftpwnz Message
deklawed Message
Demerol Message
desperatemeasuresproductions Message
destepp11 Message
detoxp Message
devalis Message
devindenver Message
dewster221 Message
di0nysus Message
diazflac Message
digi Message
digidesdan Message
digitalluv Message
digitalvampire Message
dillc Message
discontentgamer Message
ditnopota Message
djeks00 Message
djprayzhim Message
dkomaran Message
dmooney Message
docfish Message
doctorcavity Message
dominatx Message
donsolo128 Message
donttdontt Message
dooters Message
doshinheretic Message
dpa7498 Message
dragonquarrato Message
dreyfus2006 Message
drius Message
droaa Message
dronetones Message
drsquidopolis Message
dscurtis Message
dtreadway45 Message
dtwillia Message
duca Message
duckfist Message
dudulins Message
duelpear Message
duhhinventory Message
dumlaox Message
dyslexia4cure Message
ebreggie Message
eddrix Message
edge2k14 Message
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ejay16us Message
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fahqall Message
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flashkill455 Message
fmofdeath Message
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frank8090 Message
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goodlygooder Message
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grahf16 Message
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greg007 Message
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halconamedias Message
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haml0rd Message
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jamesandhisgames Message
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jasonsplayhouse Message
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jciner Message
jcrichton Message
jdkw50 Message
jebuskrist Message
jediturtle Message
jeek Message
JeffreyATW Message
jemshadewalker Message
jerermy Message
jesjames Message
jessefreeman Message
jetsetpixxie Message
jgerdes87 Message
jgw246 Message
jhaosmire Message
jj75xp Message
jjmahoney3 Message
jkeilman Message
jlatimer11 Message
jlindholme47 Message
jlindoso Message
JlloLink Message
jm5126 Message
jobocan Message
johnmatthewgrey Message
johnmurphy Message
johnnyphantom Message
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jonmatrix Message
josh634 Message
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jsgd241 Message
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kevinh777 Message
kgcarini Message
killscottkill Message
kingdomklannad Message
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kingrat101 Message
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korfi8267 Message
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kriskinnus Message
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neosephiroth11 Message
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newageretrohippie96 Message
NHDrumline17 Message
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niclink21 Message
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nova1977 Message
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Oathkeeper42 Message
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omegazero22xx Message
oncecursed1 Message
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opalhat Message
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oshaboy Message
osuphoenix Message
osvgk Message
ottoshadow Message
ozziearcane Message
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panjin79 Message
parkerz5409 Message
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patrick710 Message
paulofthewest Message
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PolarisZenKai Message
PolarisZenKai Message
PolarisZenKai Message
popeyfolger Message
posole78 Message
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ppedro2112 Message
princeofmar5 Message
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punishedsonicspeed Message
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rudy09 Message
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sameshidaioh Message
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samsung82 Message
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sbranham Message
schenksmill Message
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semenmosaic Message
seniorfrog88 Message
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shadowmoses05 Message
shadowscout Message
shady Message
shawnbeonkey Message
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shirentheloiterer Message
silverpotato96 Message
silversyx Message
sircharlington Message
skacore66 Message
slalom456 Message
slayersantiago Message
sludgepond Message
slygamer64 Message
smallaxe Message
smashp Message
smashspite Message
smreece Message
snowwalkervpk Message
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solodolo83 Message
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sp1c3 Message
spac316 Message
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sparkleriot Message
sparksterz Message
sparkymuffin Message
sphenesadae808 Message
sporcaccione Message
spunkyfidget Message
sr101 Message
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ssteph22 Message
st01c Message
starwarskid798 Message
steedeejay Message
stepdadtrav84 Message
Stephen Message
stephenetch Message
steveg1986 Message
stevenholly Message
strider80 Message
stuntman64 Message
subzeroace Message
sudboy Message
suitedaj Message
superdave479 Message
superderek Message
supernintendodisney Message
superzeldabros Message
suplalmo Message
Surf Message
sushiballz Message
svw420 Message
sweetsideburns Message
swellbow Message
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sypher641 Message
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tav7623 Message
tbay Message
tbell13579 Message
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TheDreadGazeebo Message
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thejjsousa Message
thelasko45 Message
thelenko Message
themaxwall Message
theninjaturkey Message
theodore2027 Message
theplaingamer Message
theprotektor Message
theroyalbluths Message
theused0414 Message
thewonderwaffle Message
theworldofkevinc Message
thirdeye89 Message
thomas Message
thomasbrowk Message
thomascozine Message
throbably Message
thunderbrain2002 Message
ti7an Message
tictac472 Message
timidgamer Message
TimmyG6 Message
tm2megatron Message
tmac2200 Message
tmpardi77 Message
toiry921 Message
tokihacker Message
tomdude Message
toolzz360 Message
topaz23 Message
topspot123 Message
toxiclax Message
tpugmire Message
training42 Message
treabarn Message
trickynicky Message
trivium1973 Message
tsukento Message
turf Message
turo602 Message
tw1tch Message
twdnewh Message
twistedjackrabbit Message
twoforty Message
tyhez22 Message
ultimaton Message
ultraforce Message
undeadspacemonkey Message
unforgiven Message
unforgiven Message
unm Message
urabus Message
urameshi7 Message
uranusyeti Message
usdblades Message
vaggelisg Message
vancha Message
veganrage Message
virtualred Message
vishnu1212 Message
vmelo Message
voltageist Message
vondoom Message
walkeriffic Message
WannaTradePants Message
warmpowerful Message
wartoy Message
washerdryercombo Message
wateriswet05 Message
westonbl Message
whistler Message
whitefinger Message
willhawthorne Message
wittwiky Message
wizred1 Message
wrestlingotaku Message
wvdoom Message
wviking Message
wyverndany Message
xeshadowfax Message
xgorinx Message
xjarrow Message
xtamx420 Message
xthedevistatorx Message
YannBer18 Message
yanzqc666 Message
yeagert Message
yogipsu Message
youkoaoshi Message
yugemos Message
zac Message
zan Message
zanshin Message
zarom Message
zenintrude Message
zenspath Message
zierlaz Message
Zikki Message
zingem Message
zniddle Message
zninja Message
ZRPGHD Message
ztype85 Message
zurain Message
zyberblood Message

This is a list of VGCollect users who have New Super Mario Bros. U in their Sell List.

Username Message
brandonleekemp Message
Oheao Message

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Username Message
al273310 Message
alexcolewell Message
allieempire Message
artpro202 Message
asininemetal Message
bananeroyale Message
bananza666 Message
bigonanime Message
blodwast Message
bugboy Message
byestewa Message
cardsandhuskers Message
cawzy Message
cheesylinguine Message
chips101 Message
comradepanda Message
corexretro Message
cr1msonreaper Message
darkdork1 Message
darknessedg3 Message
davelee1982 Message
Douggernaut Message
earle117 Message
elscotty Message
exeorder66 Message
Exit Message
explosion352 Message
fcbarcelona101 Message
fluttershed Message
forwhatremains Message
greenwolf248 Message
groodwanderer Message
hipp1e Message
iadena Message
jared9001 Message
jdestaz Message
jebusbigg Message
jeff0 Message
jkershner417 Message
jlucas Message
justinius Message
komidore64 Message
ks46464 Message
luisosonim Message
madslasher Message
majorajedi Message
maxelthugduqc98 Message
mikelab12 Message
mlaborda Message
mountaindrew998 Message
mrdizazta Message
nakedbob Message
nefarious Message
nintendoxium Message
nuxed Message
oblivia Message
pceslayer Message
pis Message
potentiallyevil Message
powerofzero Message
psxdad Message
punknerd333 Message
r3verb Message
rangerlunis Message
raspewtin Message
ravenofwar Message
romevi Message
samff88 Message
sasquatch4130 Message
senrak Message
silentemerald Message
sirfashion Message
slipknotsam Message
stroud Message
studmuffingamer Message
sugarsprout Message
supermeatboy Message
superthingus Message
svencakemann Message
tamrick Message
theblandyman Message
thecrimsonspeed Message
tibbarabbit Message
tigercowz Message
toiletduck Message
tooterppp Message
tylerbacz Message
Virtuoso Message
winitosh Message
xbeastx92 Message
xbit Message
yoh1993 Message

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