Pilotwings 64 Box Art
Pilotwings 64 Box Art
Pilotwings 64 Box Art

Pilotwings 64

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Estimated Value: $7.65 [via PriceCharting.com]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Paradigm Entertainment
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64 [NA]
Genre: Action
Rating: ESRB - T (US / Canada)
Item Number: NUS-NPWE
Barcode: 045496870058
Release Date: November 29 1996
Description: NA
Box Text: Forget about those other flying games. This is the ultimate flight experience! Pilotwings 64 carries you off into a vast three-dimensional environment. Pilot several different vehicles and take in breathtaking sights! Successfully complete flight tests to earn your flight badge. Get a high enough score and you'll get a chance at bonus games such as Cannonball and Sky Diving! Soar into the wild blue yonder with Pilotwings 64!
Date User Field Value
03-29-2009 NA Created

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1979blackmalibu Message
315retro Message
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8bitnintendo Message
8bitwarrior Message
aeroeagle333 Message
agentzero Message
ajhackcore Message
alasir Message
alebrewer Message
allisonunderland Message
alocer Message
alohafrommars Message
alynne99 Message
amauriel Message
amauzy Message
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anil1274 Message
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anotherbodega Message
argyle89 Message
arioca Message
arkansasnes Message
artpro202 Message
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ashiphire Message
atreyukun Message
aunickt Message
auraburst Message
aviggoX77 Message
axelcookie Message
azalin19751975 Message
b2hogan Message
babb87 Message
backtobionic Message
balonator Message
bandzicoot Message
bankslammer Message
basinpup Message
bathory Message
battletoadns Message
bbutler14 Message
bcn172000 Message
Bditman Message
beakman750 Message
beakman750 Message
beanbone Message
benrodgers77 Message
beomech Message
bfg9000ct Message
bigdaveartteacher Message
bikingjahuty Message
blackice299 Message
blackrat Message
blaqk182 Message
blindjudgment Message
blinxerizer Message
blipcs76 Message
blurrygil Message
bman34 Message
bobster Message
bonesawsgameroom Message
booman Message
boomstick98 Message
brandonl Message
brebelbrob Message
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brentplz Message
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collect1984 Message
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crash7800 Message
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cshaw16 Message
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dellamorte77 Message
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destepp11 Message
dethvenger Message
dewster221 Message
dhaabi Message
diablo Message
digidesdan Message
dimecrown Message
djfailsafe Message
dnoble Message
donsolo128 Message
Douggernaut Message
dracieldefender Message
dralley Message
dreamweaver4444 Message
drewthatgamer Message
drokkul Message
dronetones Message
drs Message
ds20816 Message
dtpm60 Message
dtreadway45 Message
dudemofo Message
duderobert125 Message
dylan Message
dylan Message
dyslexia4cure Message
easycheese124 Message
Egag101 Message
eighteighteenpm Message
einsteinssbm Message
elguapo Message
eliphas0 Message
emccann86 Message
emceemd Message
emeraldsonic Message
emleaux Message
erickavery Message
escrimsher Message
ess2s2 Message
ethancw Message
evoxpisces Message
exonerator Message
explosion352 Message
eyesoffiction Message
Fairplay Message
fantasrick Message
fatesopeth Message
fatherfarva Message
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felipebb Message
ffxik Message
filmcow Message
fireheart00 Message
fladechen Message
flameblade29 Message
flipwizard Message
fonzinator Message
formalandy Message
foxbert Message
franticdav Message
freeplay Message
frontpsych Message
fumeshi Message
furysstylez Message
g4m3f4c3 Message
galagamaster Message
gallio Message
gamebit Message
gameguypeter Message
gamer1975 Message
gamerbears Message
GameWizard Message
gargamelmohaynow Message
garthhudson Message
gavagai Message
geektacular Message
genocifer Message
ghubbz36 Message
gitclub Message
giznad138 Message
gomi321 Message
goob47 Message
gopperman Message
gravemind Message
guipeli Message
gumonshoe Message
gusseven Message
gymleaderbane Message
gyrovorbis Message
gza Message
hagane Message
halbyblu Message
haleycobbb Message
halfasianjoe Message
halligan7127 Message
handheldguru Message
hatperson Message
heavymetalpowerslave Message
helixd Message
herkamur Message
historicnerd Message
honeyconsistency Message
hungrygoriya Message
hushed Message
hyde113 Message
iamaburr Message
iammatto Message
ianmcnair Message
icedogg Message
icemirrors18 Message
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iddqdgodmode Message
idma Message
ignition365 Message
ii39 Message
infirmaryblues Message
invisiman Message
itsayatta Message
j360959 Message
jackie879 Message
jagh1984 Message
jam7374 Message
jambi46n2 Message
jamesandhisgames Message
jamesjt2500 Message
jdavis Message
jdjd Message
jebuskrist Message
jedidave Message
jef Message
jeff4433 Message
jessetyler Message
jessetyler Message
JesusDawkins Message
jfkforgot2duck Message
jkershner417 Message
jmrstuff2002 Message
jobocan Message
johnmatthewgrey Message
johnnychase Message
johnseidl887 Message
joofhoward Message
josh634 Message
jrowley89 Message
jsgd241 Message
jskube Message
jthm53 Message
juegos Message
jukareqz Message
jurassicjeep12 Message
justin8301 Message
jxkx18 Message
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kevleo679 Message
killashrub Message
kingrat101 Message
klevtherussian Message
klwolf2000 Message
knapperr Message
knight90 Message
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kodythecollector Message
kollermi Message
koopatroopa1220 Message
koreyschaefer Message
krazykarl1435 Message
kriskinnus Message
krl0s87 Message
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kyuss015 Message
lacdex64 Message
lalala20012 Message
lastknight2k Message
lavoiefo Message
lazymegaman Message
lazyshow Message
leal1073 Message
leatherrebel1984 Message
leatherrebel5150 Message
legendarysupermario Message
lide128 Message
lilleorg Message
linuxfanman Message
lonerhalz Message
lonerhalz Message
lordmono Message
lowfrequency Message
lurg Message
lyndonbaldwin Message
maben Message
machetesuperstar Message
madgamer87 Message
maf5042 Message
magfest Message
mail187man Message
mandlar Message
martymcfly Message
martyparty47 Message
massivedmg Message
masteroftheclaw Message
mbornholdt Message
mc8045 Message
megreat1 Message
merlex7us Message
merovingo Message
mikezilla Message
milehighconstruction Message
missinterocitor Message
mister0electric Message
mmfood Message
mnappier Message
mobilesuit101 Message
mogigrumbles Message
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motorheadache95 Message
mpditrag Message
mvoll322 Message
mygames19 Message
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nathanielfoster Message
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nefarious Message
neogeopocket Message
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ngoodlett Message
nickawesome Message
nickshaner Message
nightgecko Message
ninjacape Message
nintondoman Message
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no1likesdennis Message
nomad50505 Message
nonweak Message
nukem90 Message
nya Message
nyarlathotep Message
obsoleteacey Message
obstructionofyou Message
ocarinaoftom Message
odnarb1986 Message
ogrehombre Message
oilersfan1995 Message
olafberserker37 Message
olanx Message
omgsohc Message
oncecursed1 Message
ottoshadow Message
ouachitajess Message
overclockn Message
paleosteno Message
patricktamu Message
pavzig Message
peoneill Message
persona420 Message
phillybyrd Message
pis Message
pjboettcher Message
pjesus Message
pllanos85 Message
pointpruven Message
popeyfolger Message
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princesspeachy Message
purpleispretty Message
purprex Message
quickpaw Message
quimler Message
qwertyspice Message
radgamedude Message
radishattack Message
raggerreadfish Message
raiderred Message
raisedbynintendo Message
rambirhinorider Message
randybobandy Message
rapscalofrag Message
rayman Message
razor13 Message
rbl134 Message
rdonahue87 Message
realchris Message
reddog72 Message
redeadred13 Message
redhare Message
redpandaking Message
remifrechette Message
reox Message
resonatorxl Message
retr0nova Message
retroaddict804 Message
retroben Message
retroexcellence Message
retrogameronline Message
retrogamingdad Message
retrohumanoid Message
retromangia Message
retromangia Message
revn3 Message
rgordill Message
rgr2600 Message
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richard85 Message
ripper Message
ripriot Message
rkoredux Message
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rodrigociton Message
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supernova437 Message
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sweetv45 Message
swirlyglass Message
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tdog94 Message
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thatguyfromdoom Message
thebionicmonkey Message
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thedoctor4711 Message
TheDreadGazeebo Message
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thegooch989 Message
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thekrug3r Message
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thrash187 Message
ThriftdwellerNate Message
thunderbrain2002 Message
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zanshin Message
zaracoatl Message
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zierlaz Message
zmaynard85 Message
zombie1969 Message
ZombifiedBreakfast Message

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Username Message
possiblelist Message
retrogamingdad Message
volbius Message
xshaggy13x Message

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Username Message
adamchilders Message
afroyoshi Message
andoru90 Message
andrewgp Message
arashiprime Message
azazer Message
bananza666 Message
bctt28 Message
beefdx Message
binderhead Message
bouncepad Message
brucelee3000 Message
brunauss Message
buckster03 Message
Bwigdahl Message
capnbear Message
chrizgrv Message
cogo Message
conyeezy Message
corygbp Message
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ellechupacabra Message
evrclr666 Message
femtogodhand Message
Flashback2012 Message
franticdav Message
gamerforchrist Message
gamerrethink Message
ganondoom Message
gatsugodhand Message
gf78 Message
grumpyguru Message
headwithoutaface Message
himaru Message
jboyce91 Message
jerrinatah Message
jerrycosmo Message
jlink4603 Message
kiryu Message
krazykarl1435 Message
krbdub Message
lhd Message
linksshadow Message
m4gnus Message
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melwing Message
metzger203 Message
mkarasch Message
mlaborda Message
motrax Message
mrfoxhound Message
neverlooz Message
nickleevee Message
nintendragon Message
octa Message
ongotom Message
patrickmeansly Message
pceslayer Message
pwnage765 Message
quirarte Message
ravenofwar Message
rayrayjay Message
razzel Message
remix Message
retromania Message
rocktheshazbot Message
sasquatch4130 Message
scarface88fg Message
sefferson Message
shawndude82 Message
silversyx Message
slipknotsam Message
sloppycopperbottom Message
someyoungbloke Message
sputnik64 Message
srv80 Message
stormsurge Message
supergroundpound Message
tamrick Message
telly Message
thebaconstrip Message
thefutonslouch Message
therandel Message
thesandman87 Message
trailerdrake Message
TurboRotary Message
twotonetheartist Message
tylerbacz Message
ultimaton Message
underoathaaron Message
willywampa84 Message
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