Super C Box Art
Super C Box Art
Super C Box Art

Super C

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Estimated Value: $13.12 [via]
Alt-Name Super Contra: The Alien Strikes Back
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Konami
Publisher(s): Konami
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System [US]
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up
Rating: None
Item Number: NES-UE-USA
Barcode: 083717110187
Release Date: April 1990
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
08-08-2014 critter7405 Barcode 083717110187
12-09-2012 nintendojuggalo Cart/Disc/Media Art new
12-09-2012 nintendojuggalo Genre 21
12-09-2012 nintendojuggalo Developer 2315
12-09-2012 nintendojuggalo Alt-Name Super Contra: The Alien Strikes Back
03-24-2012 stagecoachkid Item Number NES-UE-USA
03-24-2012 stagecoachkid Rating 9
NA NA Created

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Casetuar Message
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catfishjonny Message
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cblain2003 Message
cecilthedarkknight234 Message
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Chewyrzrblades Message
chickaboo600 Message
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chronic532 Message
chuckaileron Message
chucklestheclown Message
chuckwurt Message
ciberseba Message
clawx Message
claybaron Message
cmoliveira Message
coliver80 Message
collrinc Message
coolswift Message
coreykun667 Message
cornymccoy Message
corygbp Message
cosmicalex88 Message
coverprinter Message
cratermania Message
crazymattb Message
crgx82 Message
crimsonwarriorx Message
critter7405 Message
csauce Message
csteclaire Message
cthor4 Message
cyberpunknut Message
dangerdolan Message
danielwalker6 Message
danjtolin Message
danmakura Message
dano4114 Message
dansodai Message
daoutlaw46 Message
darkdork1 Message
darkkobold Message
darklordme Message
darko Message
darthpepper Message
dashv Message
dataz722 Message
daveizdum Message
dayday228 Message
dbbangin Message
dc11192 Message
dcarls7 Message
dccloth Message
ddrguy440 Message
deadfish617 Message
deejayzaq Message
defthead Message
delmar001 Message
Demerol Message
demonllama6124 Message
denito Message
derekennamer Message
derfsenoj Message
destepp11 Message
dethvenger Message
dharmaboy Message
digidesdan Message
disk1of5 Message
dizzygoat Message
djfailsafe Message
djscompton Message
dlemp Message
doafan Message
domthepeng Message
doncosmo Message
donsolo128 Message
dootan Message
downtownhunter Message
dradcliffe Message
dreamweaver4444 Message
drevilbones Message
drewballgame Message
drewsquire Message
drinktobones Message
droaa Message
drokkul Message
drs Message
dryfter Message
dtpm60 Message
dtreadway45 Message
dudebuchanan Message
duderobert125 Message
dukeofnarnia Message
dylanteebobb Message
dyslexia4cure Message
eclipseninja Message
eirikrgodwulf Message
eliphas0 Message
ellocojok3r Message
elyser Message
emceemd Message
emeraldsonic Message
empja Message
eraserarcade Message
ericdlougee Message
ericmerl Message
escrimsher Message
ess2s2 Message
eternia Message
evilclay13 Message
evilnick Message
ewoknasty Message
exonerator Message
exsoldierff7 Message
fairchildzero Message
famousmortimer Message
fatumfl Message
faxanadude Message
ffxik Message
fireelements Message
firehawk Message
fireheart00 Message
firstblood Message
fixtu Message
flash85 Message
Flashback2012 Message
flashfunk Message
flyermania Message
forlorn Message
frank1978 Message
fredrool Message
frigus5 Message
frisco Message
frodrigu32 Message
fsinretro Message
furabixa Message
fuzzbop Message
fzd03 Message
g4m3f4c3 Message
galagamaster Message
gallio Message
gameboygeek Message
gameguypeter Message
gamergene Message
garasu Message
gartcat Message
garvin Message
gauntlet Message
genocifer Message
ghost7786 Message
giffstone Message
ginchy Message
glenntwd Message
glicko Message
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glyrion Message
gnarlyneeks Message
gnawmean Message
gomi321 Message
goob47 Message
gooddoctorace Message
gorefreek Message
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grizzleb33s Message
gtitus76 Message
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hazrdousmaterial Message
hellblazer1138 Message
helmeto Message
helmut822016 Message
hevyd Message
hexen Message
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homerhomer Message
honeyconsistency Message
hoser69420 Message
hotwings117 Message
howlingblue Message
hp27 Message
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icemirrors18 Message
icyhottacos Message
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igotsimpfyou Message
iressivor Message
ismokesourdiesel Message
ithinkibrokeit Message
ivanissetheast Message
j1eazy Message
j360959 Message
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jacosta24 Message
jagh1984 Message
jakenator187 Message
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jcoulter79 Message
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jitzuthemonk Message
jjohnston89 Message
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jlindholme47 Message
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johnnyboy1985 Message
johnnyonthespot Message
jonathanmapley Message
jonathanny Message
jonb3d Message
jonnyrocket32 Message
jonwvsu Message
jose1313 Message
joshyboy98311 Message
jpmaher2222 Message
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jrmychmpn Message
jsgd241 Message
jt505001 Message
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junttidance Message
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kaebelhar Message
karvo Message
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kenbowen Message
kens0u Message
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kevleo679 Message
keyray Message
kfharlock Message
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kkorycin Message
klwolf2000 Message
klytusimbored Message
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kntstar Message
koal0313 Message
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konekonoir Message
koreyschaefer Message
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landeni123 Message
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lasershow82 Message
launchthecow Message
layton03 Message
leatherrebel5150 Message
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lhd Message
librashane Message
licjohnny21 Message
lide128 Message
littlehapybudha Message
livernbits Message
lordhikonyan Message
lordmeatpie Message
lumix Message
lunanightmare Message
lurg Message
madfistmikey Message
madklok1 Message
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maikoldrumer Message
mail187man Message
mark1982 Message
markeconrad Message
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marvelsofindustry Message
masamackey Message
mastodon Message
matt Message
matt2056 Message
mattsitton Message
maverickrenegade Message
mavjdm Message
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mbornholdt Message
mc8045 Message
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mcfunkerson Message
meetbalhed Message
megabomberman Message
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miniaturemarcsummers Message
mintyfresh Message
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mlr120179 Message
mmmd0nuts Message
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mogigrumbles Message
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mojoeskateco Message
mojojones Message
molotivo Message
momentsago Message
monarchsupreme Message
monkersville Message
moonblade85 Message
mooshue Message
motopants Message
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mrdizzle Message
mrnergles Message
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mroosa Message
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mystemo Message
mysterysock Message
mythik Message
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olafberserker37 Message
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oscarsalaiz Message
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osuphoenix Message
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patricktamu Message
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pattison90iw Message
pelololoquin Message
persona420 Message
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prstyles27 Message
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purpleispretty Message
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quasihippo Message
quickpaw Message
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racinjason Message
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ragingprawn Message
raiderred Message
raiksha Message
raisedbynintendo Message
raisinbizzle Message
rambirhinorider Message
randybobandy Message
rappo Message
ravhyn Message
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rdonahue87 Message
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redman061 Message
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repopolicious Message
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retrogamesneverdie Message
retrogamingdad Message
retrogamingnerd9988 Message
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retromangia Message
rewindmike Message
rgr2600 Message
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ricketbat Message
ripriot Message
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rkoredux Message
rnhwilliams Message
robertime Message
robospork Message
rodnick Message
ronsundquist Message
rook3769 Message
rook3769 Message
rook3769 Message
roysdon Message
rszafryk Message
rtroyer33 Message
rubinhomoto Message
ruiner9 Message
ryanillingworth Message
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sabino1726 Message
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salamitsunami Message
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samsung82 Message
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sasquatch4130 Message
scarface88fg Message
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scoobs22 Message
scottielindsay Message
scriptless Message
seppesai Message
sethrman Message
sfederer88 Message
sfelton Message
shadowman Message
shadowmoses05 Message
shadowzero Message
shanewm Message
sheetstain Message
shibbykins Message
shir0 Message
shitpostmcfrance Message
shlim45 Message
shootthecore Message
shotgunwashington Message
shpadoinkal Message
sidetrakkd Message
silverback86 Message
simchaos Message
sinmonkey Message
sirhcman Message
sirjess01 Message
sjacobson52 Message
sk8ersublime Message
skepticferret Message
sketchman44 Message
skippuy Message
skooba Message
skunkape529 Message
skyhoar Message
slayersantiago Message
slayersantiago Message
sloan11 Message
sludgepond Message
SmartSped Message
smgothic666 Message
smoo Message
snowflake Message
souleatergaming Message
soulglow Message
soullessspirit Message
Soundyman Message
spac316 Message
spaceface0ne Message
spack Message
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sparta07 Message
sparta07 Message
spartans6613 Message
spc4 Message
spcrngr Message
spdv82 Message
spiffsneed Message
spunkyfidget Message
squallwesker Message
sr101 Message
stanaramus Message
stellar2600 Message
Stephen Message
stephenmiller0 Message
stereovisionable Message
stevenholly Message
stevenlavey Message
stlgamer75 Message
stlguitarist Message
stlmusician Message
stonedagegamer Message
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strider80 Message
stryder922 Message
stryfehiro Message
Stryphos Message
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superdave479 Message
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sylarlives Message
syljoly Message
syltendo Message
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TallAwkwardGamer Message
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tdhost30 Message
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thebigblaaaaah Message
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TheDreadGazeebo Message
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thedude722 Message
theevamonkey Message
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thefunkyredcaboose Message
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thevampireburt Message
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thrash187 Message
thunderbrain2002 Message
tigerfennec Message
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tiptopjames Message
tirade78 Message
tk421tmj Message
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tsuyosaheisei Message
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tw1tch Message
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twotonetheartist Message
twreckz Message
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vicviper83 Message
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vikkib421 Message
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WannaTradePants Message
Warmsignal Message
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zookaton Message
zurain Message

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Username Message
joehaaafs Message
primeretrogames Message
retrogamingdad Message
xshaggy13x Message
zancho Message

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Username Message
agentaxiom Message
akiller07 Message
andfpr Message
andoru90 Message
andrepsouza Message
anonymousguy3 Message
anonymousobject Message
arcadexelite Message
artvand3lay Message
asininemetal Message
beedawgg Message
blackarachnid41 Message
blackice299 Message
blackwolf1987 Message
blastdude Message
blodwast Message
brodus Message
captainbill Message
cashdodge Message
cassarah Message
charlesp1138 Message
CheesyNacho Message
citizenwho Message
conyeezy Message
covenantn Message
crazyjohnt1 Message
darthmaximus17 Message
derrjamie Message
devicat Message
dharmajones93 Message
djheartforce Message
dmassey Message
doubleunicorn Message
drewcifer Message
endlessmike Message
essoess Message
femtogodhand Message
flameblade29 Message
fmofdeath Message
forwhatremains Message
fourty9erfan1 Message
foxdiamondwing Message
fumeshi Message
garthhudson Message
gavagai Message
ginrai Message
gmah Message
grimllock Message
hakkai687 Message
helioscentaur Message
hipp1e Message
hypoxium Message
iadena Message
iamwidowmaker Message
icemirrors18 Message
ichi Message
insanecableguy Message
jamelton23 Message
jeffsgames Message
jkconolly Message
jlatimer11 Message
jlink4603 Message
jmil8502 Message
kesselrunpdx Message
kupotek Message
lmh100310 Message
lonejobber Message
luisavila Message
majorajedi Message
maner76 Message
martylarson Message
martymcfly Message
matthew36x Message
maximkat Message
mcfacepalm Message
merriphi000 Message
mhmsodoi Message
mhwarrior Message
mhwarrior Message
mlaborda Message
monsterburrito Message
mrfaust Message
mugifi Message
ncuff Message
ndemarco29 Message
nefarious Message
Neocronic Message
nickknack Message
nikkondead Message
ninjad1423 Message
npx87 Message
nwh Message
ochuu Message
palazzi Message
pastyboii Message
pheonixcaldwell Message
powerofzero Message
PyroRaptor Message
qchaze Message
rangerlunis Message
rayrayjay Message
razak Message
retrorevelations Message
see4 Message
silversyx Message
skepticferret Message
skepticferret Message
slipknotsam Message
smansell927 Message
squabbler Message
srv80 Message
supergroundpound Message
supergroundpound Message
sveino Message
tamrick Message
tibbarabbit Message
trinitis Message
trinkenwir Message
tylerbacz Message
unibonger Message
venom2002 Message
viskret Message
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