Splatoon Box Art
Splatoon Box Art
Splatoon Box Art


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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD Group No. 2
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Wii U [NA]
Genre: Action
Rating: ESRB - E10+ (US / Canada)
Item Number: WUP P AGME USZ
Barcode: 045496903527
Release Date: May 29 2015
Description: NA
Splatter enemies and claim your turf as ink-spraying squid-like Inklings in Nintendo's ultimate messfest!
Unleash new powers and abilities!
Battle an evil octopus army as you fight to save Inkopolis!
Basic reading ability is required to fully enjoy the game. Broadband access required to play.
Complete amiibo challenges to get exclusive in-game gear!
Date User Field Value
05-03-2016 aliensstudios Cart/Disc/Media Art new
05-03-2016 aliensstudios Back Box Art new
05-03-2016 aliensstudios Box Text 4 VS 4 ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! Splatter enemies and claim your turf as ink-spraying squid-like Inklings in Nintendo's ultimate messfest! TRANSFORM INTO A SQUID! Unleash new powers and abilities! SINGLE-PLAYER STORY MODE! Battle an evil octopus army as you fight to save Inkopolis! LOCAL 1 on 1 DUELS! Basic reading ability is required to fully enjoy the game. Broadband access required to play. amiibo Complete amiibo challenges to get exclusive in-game gear!
11-28-2015 Flashback2012 Barcode 045496903527
11-28-2015 Flashback2012 Item Number WUP P AGME USZ
05-29-2015 spac316 Release Type 0
04-07-2015 Limeface Front Box Art new
04-07-2015 Limeface Release Date - Day 29
04-07-2015 Limeface Rating 3
02-14-2015 badATchaos Front Box Art new
02-14-2015 badATchaos Release Date - Year 2015
02-14-2015 badATchaos Release Date - Month 5
02-14-2015 badATchaos Genre 1
02-14-2015 badATchaos Publisher 16
02-14-2015 badATchaos Developer 6476
06-12-2014 crix Created

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1979blackmalibu Message
3030sonic Message
7thLeveLReviews Message
80skates Message
8ruc3 Message
abletothink Message
abrowne1993 Message
acclmnop Message
aceburg0413 Message
adioguy99 Message
afroyoshi Message
aguetre Message
Alannah Message
alekmte Message
alex223999 Message
alexnicoll Message
aliensstudios Message
allangawy Message
alstro20 Message
anayo Message
andlefurge Message
andoru90 Message
andrepsouza Message
andrewa1289 Message
anystrom0 Message
apilon56 Message
aquapainter Message
arcadenexus Message
arcerus Message
arcticmew Message
argyle89 Message
arioca Message
arkania99 Message
arransins Message
arthur317 Message
articanos Message
ashiphire Message
ashleigh Message
astralsoul Message
asylumangel Message
atariblack Message
atreyukun Message
aunickt Message
aurnel Message
axelcookie Message
aymik253 Message
azure Message
backtobionic Message
baldwookiee Message
ballcapgamer Message
bankslammer Message
bass260 Message
bathory Message
bathory Message
bbrooks Message
bedasae Message
benrodgers77 Message
bernkastelwitch Message
bers Message
bigboss11 Message
bigdaveartteacher Message
bikingjahuty Message
binaryfragger Message
bjlucas Message
blacha970 Message
blackarachnid41 Message
blackhearted Message
blackice299 Message
blastdude Message
blinxerizer Message
blipcs76 Message
blkalleykat Message
bloodedgedreaper Message
blooz Message
bluefalcon1990 Message
boardgamingpenguin Message
bobothevulture Message
boog2theman Message
booton Message
bouncepad Message
bowzasaurusrex Message
boysuitsy Message
bozley Message
braceletfive Message
bran2505 Message
brandon913 Message
brandonleekemp Message
bransby Message
bravehyperfighting Message
breichart Message
brkun Message
bulbasaur001 Message
burntbeef Message
bvp Message
cacadodo666 Message
cactuar01 Message
caferevolution Message
caissara Message
caiterz Message
cakecraft7 Message
candyman106 Message
canti86 Message
capincold Message
capnchrut Message
capncrunch53 Message
carellion1 Message
cassarah Message
catfishjonny Message
catman44 Message
ccross Message
celicam Message
cffjr Message
chaosarcanum Message
charlesmabe Message
charlesp1138 Message
chaseh1028 Message
cheesecakespls Message
cheesefury Message
chibimanny Message
chipsgravy Message
chronic532 Message
chronobo Message
chronoivalice Message
clamhorse Message
Clashbomb Message
cleber Message
climas Message
clydebarrow34 Message
coffeeperson Message
colindarnall Message
coliver80 Message
collint0101 Message
collrinc Message
companionnoodles Message
cooltobeyou81 Message
cooper149 Message
coreykun667 Message
corkscroo Message
crazyninja232 Message
creepynintendogeek Message
crgx82 Message
critter7405 Message
croast59 Message
cryosneasel Message
csteclaire Message
cstorm Message
ctgamehaven Message
cthulthu Message
cubarateman Message
cureegg Message
cutejay012 Message
cylux42 Message
danahowl Message
danielmpr1977 Message
daoutlaw46 Message
darkdork1 Message
darkishcookies Message
darkknight4251 Message
darkouer Message
darkraichu Message
darkrelease Message
darrin9999 Message
darthkashwer Message
davisguy64 Message
dayday228 Message
deanslater Message
deceptiion Message
deejay Message
defthead Message
deftpwnz Message
delcamx Message
deltaellisquid Message
demigodrob Message
densetsu1 Message
derrickmarr Message
derrjamie Message
desperatemeasuresproductions Message
destepp11 Message
destroyers34 Message
dhaabi Message
digi Message
digidesdan Message
dillc Message
dimarx Message
discohippoletsgo Message
djprayzhim Message
donsolo128 Message
doubad Message
doublea082 Message
dravensth Message
drewcelery Message
dreyfus2006 Message
drivecerulean Message
drowsyone Message
drummergirl86 Message
dudulins Message
dylansgameroom Message
ebreggie Message
ejay16us Message
eliterubberduck Message
emagen303 Message
emeraldsonic Message
emporerdragon Message
enteisama Message
epictemper1 Message
eric493x Message
errorstribe Message
ert0426 Message
escrimsher Message
essoess Message
evilmii Message
exeorder66 Message
Exit Message
exodus Message
explosion352 Message
eyepatch360 Message
ez054098 Message
falcothelegend Message
fanofgaming Message
fantasrick Message
farkland Message
fatalhasreturned Message
fckle Message
feelines Message
felipeogo Message
ferne97 Message
ffmaniac2050 Message
filligan Message
filmcow Message
fixion Message
fladechen Message
flameblade29 Message
Flashback2012 Message
fmofdeath Message
fonzinator Message
fordmoo Message
fprambo Message
franklin411 Message
frenchmanjohnson Message
frigginbuddy Message
frigus5 Message
frontpsych Message
fumeshi Message
funkb8181 Message
furrycookies Message
galacticplatypus Message
gamebit Message
gamefed Message
gamerrethink Message
ganondoom Message
garagetoad Message
garvin Message
gateishion Message
gecko101 Message
gf78 Message
gibbsy24 Message
ginkeifighter4 Message
gitaroo Message
gitclub Message
gomi321 Message
goombagamer103 Message
gorshanks Message
grahf16 Message
graminthesalmon Message
grassmonk Message
greg007 Message
grepski Message
grimhope Message
guiys Message
gusseven Message
guygus09 Message
halfasianjoe Message
haml0rd Message
handheldguru Message
harpy Message
hayden Message
hedgehog06 Message
herkamur Message
hiducki Message
himaru Message
honeyconsistency Message
hoshichiri Message
hraesvlgr Message
hussmaster Message
hwwman Message
hypoxium Message
iamaburr Message
IceCrystalx Message
icewolf Message
ignition365 Message
igotdvds Message
indigofawkes Message
infamousredyoshi Message
infernoleo Message
infinitewaffle Message
islesisle Message
itssilverlps Message
ivofrussia Message
j360959 Message
jabbamix Message
jabbro Message
jaburo Message
jackie879 Message
jacobsclub72 Message
jaklyra Message
jalien Message
jambi46n2 Message
jame3005 Message
jareclese Message
jarhead Message
jcs12c Message
jdkw50 Message
jdsizzleslice Message
jedmund Message
jeff4433 Message
jemshadewalker Message
jessefreeman Message
jinxmoody Message
jiyacen Message
jkeilman Message
jlosep Message
jm5126 Message
jobocan Message
jonmatrix Message
josh634 Message
joshuamad1978 Message
josiah Message
jrock96 Message
jscomix Message
jsgd241 Message
jthm53 Message
juancarlosmendez29099 Message
jurassicjeep12 Message
juxtapost Message
kafei Message
kainzero Message
kameksans Message
kanamine Message
kavas Message
kayleysmamakc Message
kdeizay1 Message
keenwah Message
keikuina Message
kendall1287 Message
kennethc Message
kennyunm Message
kevinh777 Message
khchehab Message
kidcisco Message
killscottkill Message
kingrat101 Message
kitkats808 Message
kittenbreath Message
kizzer70 Message
kleppinger Message
klinecars Message
korfi8267 Message
kosugi Message
kotega Message
kraussndhouse Message
krelyan Message
kreton Message
kreton Message
kripey Message
krl0s87 Message
kschrief Message
kuribo Message
kyo Message
lakster37 Message
lalala20012 Message
lancer1977 Message
ldnetwork Message
leal1073 Message
legatoskyheart Message
legendarysupermario Message
leox Message
liamtriforce Message
lifeofturner Message
Limeface Message
link3710 Message
listontj Message
lkjhgfdsa77 Message
loganwx2003 Message
logca Message
lordjano Message
losingsleep412 Message
lschumacher Message
lsdedede Message
luminous Message
lunanightmare Message
lyteedge Message
macrobug Message
madducky013 Message
madmankevin Message
magfest Message
magicalmushroom Message
majob Message
mandlar Message
manikku Message
marcoulloajr Message
marcusschmidli Message
marino1120 Message
martylarson Message
marvelvscapcom2 Message
masterkyo Message
masterronin Message
masterteirmed Message
mattod Message
maximo310 Message
mboeblay Message
mcfood Message
mcharles2509 Message
mcockrum Message
mdoerty Message
megadrive Message
megashinylucario Message
megasilverx1 Message
megasnorlax Message
megreat1 Message
memelord99 Message
meowthspal21 Message
metalman1000 Message
miawashere Message
mickemoose Message
mikalis Message
milehighconstruction Message
milk Message
minedcypress01 Message
miraclekid Message
missingno Message
missinterocitor Message
mistaht Message
mistertree Message
mmont007 Message
mo1134 Message
mojojones Message
molloy2304 Message
monteleone Message
mooshue Message
morsiron Message
morsse Message
mortuusfever Message
motopants Message
motrax Message
mrdizazta Message
mrl319 Message
mrnater Message
mrstardustricon Message
mtothefourthpower Message
mugifi Message
n64ra Message
n8theist Message
nacard Message
nadams9985 Message
nathanielfoster Message
natr0nic Message
nattieboompo Message
ndemarco29 Message
necrinom Message
nelliott524 Message
nentindo Message
neofan Message
neogeopocket Message
neonightmare Message
neutrino64 Message
newretronerd Message
newyard Message
nichifix Message
nickawesome Message
nickkchilla Message
niclink21 Message
nightwriter11 Message
nikodile Message
nimrodjd Message
nin10ja Message
ninjacape Message
ninjad1423 Message
ninjastu Message
ninjastu Message
nintendopal Message
nintendoxium Message
nintengaming Message
nintondoman Message
nirganzerix Message
nitromonkey Message
nivest Message
no1likesdennis Message
nonweak Message
nova1977 Message
nuxed Message
nyarlathotep Message
obi0815 Message
oblivia Message
odiin Message
olafberserker37 Message
olanx Message
omega127 Message
omegazero22xx Message
omi90 Message
opalhat Message
oraoraed Message
oreobacon Message
originalkevin Message
osvgk Message
otacats Message
ottoshadow Message
oxiadust Message
ozdelarosa Message
painfulbuggery Message
paleosteno Message
pancake5 Message
pantsareforposers Message
passareli Message
pastyboii Message
patrickpower Message
perfect34 Message
peridotgx Message
persona420 Message
phil612692 Message
phoenixflower Message
phwii Message
piepiepie Message
pitchdarkedge Message
pitomba Message
pixelretro Message
pode Message
poggyjockey Message
polygonpainter Message
pooch516 Message
popeyfolger Message
posole78 Message
potentiallyevil Message
ppedro2112 Message
presslbm Message
prime Message
primegx Message
princesspeachy Message
professorwho Message
project4 Message
protocormic Message
psychoapeguy Message
psycowayne23 Message
ptw2287 Message
purpleispretty Message
pwnertex Message
queenofhz Message
quette1984 Message
quithsturge Message
rabbite Message
rabiesus Message
rachel Message
radgamedude Message
radishattack Message
rage509 Message
raindroplet Message
raisedbynintendo Message
rambirhinorider Message
rancesama Message
randybobandy Message
rankicker Message
rarebehemoth Message
raskog Message
ravensfan428 Message
raydreamer Message
razorbeamz Message
realchris Message
red5StandingBy Message
redblaze57 Message
redhare Message
redx03 Message
regime Message
renny Message
retrofire7 Message
retrogk Message
retromangia Message
retromangia Message
retromation Message
rexorcist Message
rgeddings Message
rhesileth Message
ricketbat Message
rnhwilliams Message
robogiraffe Message
rollzero Message
rszafryk Message
rukakurenai Message
rydias Message
ryn360 Message
saffrongamer Message
sahilsran21 Message
sakusakuranbobo Message
salem Message
salemm Message
salemp Message
samurie Message
schenksmill Message
scottishdoktah Message
screamingjoe Message
sdyar Message
seabornecrab556 Message
seasickdave Message
sefferson Message
seidelc Message
semenmosaic Message
shaggy00131 Message
shepard11 Message
shini1189 Message
shwa Message
silverpotato96 Message
silversyx Message
sixthsin Message
skasumi Message
sketchman44 Message
skiddsydoo Message
skorm Message
skulshurtugaltcg Message
slayersantiago Message
slederer Message
slipknotsam Message
sloan11 Message
sludgepond Message
smallaxe Message
SmartSped Message
smashp Message
solesurvivor26 Message
solrac Message
somecallmeshort Message
somedumbass Message
soulglow Message
soup Message
southboundpachyderm Message
soyfriedbryce Message
sp1c3 Message
spac316 Message
spacehappy Message
spaceman Message
spartan3 Message
sparticus112b Message
spoat Message
spookydollhouse Message
sprunt Message
spyrofan212 Message
squeekcake Message
squidkid768 Message
sr101 Message
srmccoy Message
ssbecho Message
stardog05 Message
starwarskid798 Message
steedeejay Message
steelrotom Message
Stephen Message
stephenmiller0 Message
stethebubble Message
steveg1986 Message
stevenholly Message
stonedge Message
stonks Message
stopgolem48 Message
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studude13 Message
stuey Message
subzeroace Message
superdave479 Message
supernintendodisney Message
supersmashnerd Message
surg3 Message
svencakemann Message
svw420 Message
sweetsideburns Message
swirlyglass Message
symp4thedevil Message
takesh1kitano Message
tanooki Message
tav7623 Message
tayrawr Message
the3mastergamers Message
thecrispy1 Message
thedarkness Message
thedarknight Message
thedefalcos Message
thedeviot Message
thedobaga Message
TheDreadGazeebo Message
theflea Message
TheHunterPersian Message
theinfamousassassin Message
thelegendofretrogaming Message
theninjaturkey Message
theoboist Message
theodw Message
therealtboc Message
theroyalbluths Message
thesharkprincess Message
thetwentyfour Message
thevilesmile Message
thewesleyelder Message
thewonderwaffle Message
thisisreadymade Message
throbably Message
thunderbrain2002 Message
tigerbillionaire Message
tk421tmj Message
tmac2200 Message
topaz23 Message
toxicjuicebox Message
tpugmire Message
training42 Message
trap Message
trexmegadrive79 Message
trinisete Message
trinkenwir Message
tsukento Message
turf Message
turo602 Message
twoforty Message
tylerbacz Message
ultimaton Message
undertow827 Message
unforgiven Message
unm Message
upsidedowntaco Message
urabus Message
urameshi7 Message
uranusyeti Message
usmcveteran0651 Message
vaggelisg Message
vallarelli Message
vastgrishnakh Message
vat1can1490 Message
veganrage Message
venuto85 Message
vercetti757 Message
vgsquirrel Message
videogame71 Message
vidmusc Message
vinnyvinvinvinvin Message
viperzang Message
vmelo Message
wagnerretro Message
waitsup Message
walkeriffic Message
waluigi Message
wander481 Message
Warmsignal Message
warpedatari02 Message
wartoy Message
wasabo Message
wd4000 Message
wfhicryhfrh Message
wh0c4r35 Message
wiistevenduda1 Message
wiiucollector Message
wildfirezer0 Message
willygz Message
wimpod Message
wintermadness Message
wisemanshade Message
wlugo13 Message
wolff242 Message
wolfyduh Message
wvdoom Message
xearon Message
xgorinx Message
yaboikef Message
yeagert Message
yoshikid666 Message
zach7123 Message
zaldina Message
zaxour Message
zeldagamer9000 Message
zespeongalaxy Message
ziondood Message
zninja Message
zombeescott Message
ZombifiedBreakfast Message

This is a list of VGCollect users who have Splatoon in their Sell List.

Username Message
Oheao Message

This is a list of VGCollect users who have Splatoon in their Wish List.

Username Message
aceflyheight Message
al273310 Message
alexcolewell Message
allieempire Message
andrewgp Message
arashiprime Message
artpro202 Message
asininemetal Message
bananeroyale Message
battlekatt Message
blossom Message
bossuet Message
bugboy Message
buttonmasher Message
c64pce Message
capnchrut Message
captainbill Message
cardsandhuskers Message
castlesnow Message
cheesylinguine Message
chips101 Message
corexretro Message
cr1msonreaper Message
crix Message
darkantagony Message
darknessedg3 Message
davelee1982 Message
dawnfreak Message
dayvhy Message
doshinheretic Message
dtreadway45 Message
earle117 Message
empovyle Message
engarmando Message
ercook06 Message
fabiofranco Message
fcbarcelona101 Message
femtogodhand Message
fictionmask Message
fighterpilot562 Message
fizzlewizard Message
forwhatremains Message
gheorughuirg Message
gonif Message
greenwolf248 Message
hipp1e Message
jared9001 Message
jerrycosmo Message
justinius Message
katan333 Message
ks46464 Message
liquidvert Message
luisosonim Message
majorajedi Message
matthoyt9 Message
maxberg Message
mediocrezone Message
mew2neitor Message
mikelab12 Message
missouribull Message
mlaborda Message
mountaindrew998 Message
nejifer Message
neoganzo Message
neriph Message
nintendragon Message
noxie Message
nuxed Message
papyruspuzzlegenius Message
pdw2000 Message
psxdad Message
rangerlunis Message
raspewtin Message
retrogameronline Message
sasquatch4130 Message
sclaxplayer Message
seanmacys Message
seaslug Message
simplyharuka Message
sirfashion Message
skeleky4 Message
sneakycracker Message
sugarsprout Message
supermeatboy Message
superthingus Message
tbearuz Message
theblandyman Message
theblandyman Message
thecrimsonspeed Message
tm2megatron Message
tyhez22 Message
wallyaldo Message
willreaper41 Message
winitosh Message
wolflock Message
wpreptar Message
xbeastx92 Message
xbit Message
zmaynard85 Message

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