Wave Race 64 Box Art
Wave Race 64 Box Art
Wave Race 64 Box Art

Wave Race 64

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Estimated Value: $2.87 [via PriceCharting.com]
Buy: Amazon - New: $119.79 - Used: $4.00
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Nintendo
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64 [NA]
Genre: Racing
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: NUS-NWRE-USA
Barcode: 045496870034
Release Date: November 1996
Description: NA
Box Text: Wave Race 64 is sure to provide some of the most exciting racing you've ever experienced. Feel the pounding and crashing of the waves as you accelerate into straight-aways, whip around the marker buoys and go airborne on the jump ramps. Don't race alone! Challenge a friend.
Nine challenging courses set in exotic locales- race conditions change as the wave action responds to the way that you and your opponents race.
Take control in three different modes of play- Championship, Time Trials, and Stunt Mode.
Game Pak memory will store your circuit progress, best times and custom settings.
Transfer best times and custom settings to a N64 Controller Pak to play at a friend's house.
Date User Field Value
11-03-2013 pacpix Cart/Disc/Media Art new
11-03-2013 pacpix Box Text Wave Race 64 is sure to provide some of the most exciting racing you've ever experienced. Feel the pounding and crashing of the waves as you accelerate into straight-aways, whip around the marker buoys and go airborne on the jump ramps. Don't race alone! Challenge a friend. Nine challenging courses set in exotic locales- race conditions change as the wave action responds to the way that you and your opponents race. Take control in three different modes of play- Championship, Time Trials, and Stunt Mode. Game Pak memory will store your circuit progress, best times and custom settings. Transfer best times and custom settings to a N64 Controller Pak to play at a friend's house.
11-03-2013 pacpix Barcode 045496870034
03-29-2009 NA Created

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